12:58 pm - 12/04/2012

How far will 'Hoarders' go for our entertainment?

Last night, The A&E network has premiered the new season of "Hoarders."

Since the series started it's been hard to believe that the next show could be any worse than the last, but it always is.

Monday's episode, (Dec. 3, 2012), featured a woman who hoarded cats. We've seen episodes where poop was the only decoration in a house. One of the houses on Monday's show was the worst of the worst. I can't believe they will find anything worse than this woman and her poopy house. The problem is, the poopy is coming from cats. The homeowner claimed she had 50 cats She also claimed she had 50-75 deceased cats. These cats are in her freezer and her fridge.

As the episode goes on, dead cats are found in the closets. They were stuffed into plastic freezer bags and then stuffed into closets.

When the agency that assisted with the cats decided that the woman's favorite cat needed to be euthanized, she lost her mind. Crying hysterically, she leaned on her son and he tried to comfort her. I seriously wanted to kick her in the ass and tell her what I thought of what she had done.

Out of the 49 cats that were found in the house, 18 were saved, the rest were put down.

This situation makes me wonder if the right animal is being euthanized.

As far as the cats in the fridge, they were sharing their space with mice, squirrels, a cardinal and whatever roadkill that this woman could find. The final horror was when they took the last part of the fridge out and found that liquid was standing at the very bottom of the fridge. It was liquid animals, decomposed, liquefied.

I am not entertained. It's time someone says; "STOP!" to these shows. Help these people, please don't show us the nightmare that is the lives of these hoarders. At least not if we have to see a fridge and freezer full of dead animals.


Last night's episode was disgusting. It was the first time I ever turned off the show... And that was only 5 minutes in to the episode. Most of my friends shared the same sentiment. Did you watch it? What did you think?
leahkatharina 5th-Dec-2012 05:43 pm (UTC)
do other places not have laws against how many animals you can have in your home? in ontario, there are laws about the types of pets you can have in your home, and how many of each are allowed in a single-family dwelling. home breeders get exceptions but they are regulated. shouldnt there be some bylaws for this?
missmal 5th-Dec-2012 06:24 pm (UTC)
Absolutely, there are. It does vary state by state, but even home breeders have monetary restrictions placed on them. But 49 cats, I do believe, exceeds ANY state's restrictions. The problem is that these people either need to be reported by a neighbor/family member or have the chance happening that they get caught by a humane officer. This woman was obviously never reported and, by the time the humane officers got ahold of the case (WITH a psychologist working on it), I'm pretty sure they decided she was batshit crazy and incapable of making good decisions, so I doubt they felt the need to make issue about the laws being infringed upon here. Provided she acquires no more cats, that is.
hey_kayla_jay 5th-Dec-2012 09:30 pm (UTC)
I've seen episodes with cat hoarders where the people did end up getting charged. I think they just had to pay big fines.
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