If the critique is valid, certainly. As a sheltered male, I know very little about feminism. From what I've read, the feminist movement has mainly been geared towards middle-class white women. A broadened approach to feminism would be far more ideal, imo. I certainly agree that criticism is important, ESPECIALLY in that regard.

There's this strange perception that feminists are crazy people who hate everything about men, think men are monsters, and just generally hate the world. Tumblr is riddled with people who perpetuate this belief. They declare war on anything and everything, in the name of feminism. That wouldn't be that big of an issue if idiots didn't go around believing that most feminists are batshit crazy. It's gotten to the point where people are quick to shame others for being feminists, as if that's a bad thing. It hurts the legitimate concerns and messages that define feminism.