Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran And Other Young Celebs' Cartoon Alter-Egos!


We have no doubt that if Ed Sheeran were a cartoon character, he would be Chuckie from "Rugrats," and you have to admit that Emma Stone shares a certain likeness with our favorite kick-ass cartoon teen, Kim Possible. For everyone who loves Saturday morning cartoons as much as we do, we paired up some of our favorite members of young Hollywood with their animated alter-egos, just for fun. Click through the slideshow below to see our top picks.

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Ed Sheeran / Chuckie Finster, 'Rugrats'
Ed Sheeran is a dead ringer for Chuckie Finster from Rugrats. Like Chuckie, Ed is famous for his wild red hair. Both boys are also soft-spoken and sentimental, making them a perfect match.

Ke$ha / Debbie Thornberry
If Ke$ha was stuck in an RV with a sister who talked to animals and a brother who acted like a wild animal, we bet she would react just the way Debbie Thornberry did: lots of eye-rolling. The two blondes share a hairstyle and a party-girl attitude.
( I would have put Pizzaz from Jem and The Holograms tbh )

Katy Perry / Betty Boop
Katy Perry and Betty Boop have a ton in common: they share famously flirtatious personalities, dark hair and red lips, an hourglass figure, and vintage style.

Zayn Malik / Jimmy Neutron
True, Zayn might not have Jimmy Neutron's genius IQ and Jimmy might not have Zayn's voice, but they share one important characteristic: major, gravity-defying hair.
( Lol I don't even know what to say to this )

Taylor Swift / Sailor Moon
Between their long, blonde hair, blue eyes, and vintage-style dresses, Taylor Swift and Sailor Moon could be twins. Beyond just looks, Taylor and Sailor Moon are both diehard romantics with sweet, laidback personalities.
( I think Taylor is more a Relena Peacecraft type of person tbh .... )

Rupert Grint / Arnold
Lanky and red-headed, Arnold from The Magic Schoolbus could easily be another Weasley brother from Harry Potter. Just like Arnold, Rupert's Potter character, Ron, is brave but not particularly motivated in school.

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