Guess who I met...

Alex Vincent, aka Andy from the first two Child's Play movies. :o)

For reference, y'all:

I spotted him in the liquor line at the Louis CK show in Tampa Thursday night and told him I recognized him from Facebook and asked to take a photo. He honestly seem surprised I recognized him haha, but he was super gracious, asked my name, etc. I told him I'd been a fan of the Chucky movies since I was four years old and he thanked me and said he appreciated the support. Luckily I'd been seeing some of his FB posts so I was like, "I have been meaning to order one of your signed scripts!" And I complimented his poetry. Usually if I meet a celeb randomly (which has only happened maybe two other times), IDK WTF to say. I mean, I still rambled like an idiot, but it's something.

Just wanted to share! Also, I just realized the dude behind us and it's kind of making my day rn.

Edited to add that I met a dude last night at a party who looked EXACTLY like current-day Macaulay Culkin, which probably would've been just about as awesome of a post as this one is. My friend who invited him told me not to mention it because he gets it all the time and hates it. Maybe he should shave that facial hair then.

Source: My boyfriend who cluelessly took a photo without knowing why the fuck I asked him to until I told him afterward, and then was like, "...what."
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