The next Jersey Shore, only classier


“Buckwild” begins on MTV in January, taking the prized Thursday time slot previously occupied by Snooki and the gang, and featuring what the network calls “a whole new hell-raising group of friends for you to fall in love with.”

The new reality series trades the beach for the woods, following nine pals in Sissonville, West Virginia as they have fun and hook up.

MTV explains, “The longtime friends have a knack for creating their own unique brand of good times, from turning a giant dump truck into a makeshift swimming pool, to rigging up a human slingshot, rolling down hills in giant truck tires and partying until the neighbors can’t stand it anymore.”

Trailer at source, prepare to feel better about yourself

Well at least they'll save money on wardrobe.

Katie...She looks like a bitch

Anna...Wearing her grandma's tablebloth

Tyler...Supercuts does have some nice arms, ngl

Shae...Already spreading her legs

Shain...Walking stereotype

Cara...Christina Ricci's slutty cousin

Salwa...I went to school with this one. Clearly she ain't country

Ashley...Where to begin...

Joey...I guess this is our eye candy. Cut the hair and we'll talk.

My cousin almost made it on this show, and I went to high school with Salwa. Gotta say though, as a West Virginian, I'm kind of annoyed by if we're not painted in a bad enough light already, ugh.