Group project rant
I was put in a group with random guy and it is becoming a nightmare. We are doing financial statement analysis that includes three modules that we turn in part of every week, for the next three weeks. We just turned in module 1 and this guy that was randomly put in our group contributed nothing. He is from Saudi Arabia and just learned english about a year ago so I gave him the simplest assignment possible: find the 10ks for the three main competitors and make a cover page. Not that hard, right? Nope. Monday he comes up to me and says he found the 10ks, but they were in the wrong currency - the Swiss franc - and no cover page. He was like "I'll work on translating them tonight" People, a 10k can have up to 200+ pages and finding the US$-denominated 10ks is a 20 second google search. As for the cover page, he showed up yesterday with the most half-assed cover page I have ever seen. I had already made one because I KNEW he wouldn't deliver but I asked to see his anyway. He pulled it out and I wanted to punch him in the juglar, but I just asked him if he had it saved because we're submitting it online. He just stared at me blankly and was like "umm."