I got an audition for a commercial! An actual legitimate commercial that would pay me money! I'm so excited!

And nervous! I feel like barfing! It's my first audition for something paying (and my second audition ever) and I know I'm gonna fuuuuckkk iiiiit uuuuup

This weekend I'm heading to San Antonio to shoot test footage for the Zombie flick I'm in. Get this: auditioning for this movie was my friend's idea. She was SUPER pumped about it -- we went and she got the LEAD ROLE. Big deal! Very exciting!

It's a little less than a month later and she's completely over it. She's not going to the test shoot tomorrow, she's dodged the rehearsals so far, and she's dropped out of the acting class we had together. I'm p sure she's done with the whole...acting thing. Awkward. I'm just hoping she actually shows up to like...shoot the movie...