One Direction 'Quietly Working On Fragrance For Six Months' With Olivann Beauty

Now we can all smell like 1D wonderfulness.

One Direction fans all over the world would give their right arm to get a whiff of the young pop singing heartthrobs, and now they may be closer than they think to dipping their noses into the 1D world as the boys begin work on their new scent.

The X Factor graduate band comprising of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne have amassed a fortune thanks to their popular music including 'Little Things' and numerous sponsorship deals.

And it was rumoured last month that the heartthrobs would be entering the perfume industry on a new business venture to lure their female fans even more – and not it's been confirmed by president of the company, Dana Kline, that they have been working with Olivann Beauty for a staggering six months. They kept that one quiet!

The beauty and cosmetics brand is a spin-off of Fusion Brands Inc's Luxury Fragrance Division, which has been producing beauty products since 2003.

More details on the new scent, including the name, will not be released until next year, but a source previously hinted what fans can expect from the boys' debut fragrance.

"It's going to be a sweet scent, definitely floral too," an insider revealed to Marie Claire.

And despite previously releasing album covers featuring the boys individually, the source added the new scent will only come in one standard packaging box due to time contstraints.

Will you be buying One Direction's new scent?

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