Jeff Davis gets himself involved in drama about race. AGAIN.

So, this was expected.

Following a casting choice that caused some people to side-eye the EP for MTV's Teen Wolf, he took to social media to defend himself... somewhat poorly. Again. And then he deleted the post. Again. 

You'd think after the whole Sinqua Walls disaster, he'd handle such things better.

Most fans would remember the drama that ensued when Jeff attempted on Tumblr, to explain away the criticism surrounding his poor storytelling for Sinqua Walls' character, Boyd in the last season, at one point stating, as regards the treatment of his characters of color, that Teen Wolf 'was not an issues show'. The end result was deleting said Tumblr, and blocking fans on Twitter who didn't agree with him. And of course, his seeming quest for cookies since his lead is 'ethnic'.
Well, some weeks ago at NY Comic Con, Jeff talked about an upcoming season 3 character, a female Alpha wolf by the name of Kali, named after the Hindu Goddess, and who walks around barefoot so she can attack people with the claws on her feet.

There was apprehension about the naming and casting of this character, which was eased a bit when the casting call came out and it was clear the show was explicitly looking for an Indian character:

However, yesterday, it was announced that the half-white, half-African American actress, Felisha Terrell was cast as Kali. Naturally, some fans were not impressed. One disappointed fan of Asian descent, in particular brought this up to Jeff on Twitter and this exchange happened:

The screenshot made it to Tumblr to high criticism and disbelief, mostly that it seemed that the show had chosen to employ a non-Indian actress to play what seemed to be an Indian character. Some people's argument was, if he hadn't been able to find an Indian actress in all of Hollywood to play this part, couldn't he have altered the background of this character? Apparently 'Kali' is a very revered Hindu name, and while people are happy to see more WOC on the show, the implication is that they are interchangeable, just because they have the same skin color. If he was going to bring up the race of the character, then it's only expected he would go the distance regarding said race.

However, despite the most popular post talking about the issue only having about 60 notes at the time, Jeff (who it seems, Googles himself regularly and checks his tag on Tumblr) later went on to post this last night:

For some people, this comment came across as a poor reply to valid criticism. 

Finally he posted this:

He called fans, (many of color, some of Asian descent) who had a problem with his casting and his reply.. trolls.

Within minutes the last two tweets, including Jeff's first reply to the fan were promptly deleted, but the damage was done. Jeff-sympathizers (see: most fans) launched twitter/tumblr attacks on the fan that originally posted the first question including those that agreed with her, calling people that criticized Jeff's choices 'bad fans', 'racists' and asking anyone who didn't like what he did to stop watching the show. A crew memeber even tweeted for people to 'leave Jeff alone'. The last time Jeff got into Twitter drama, he complained about people being 'mean' to him. There's currently a little meme on tumblr regarding Jeff's sensitivity to criticism. 

Frankly, this whole thing has been very disappointing on his end, yes Teen Wolf has a low budget, but did he really not find any Indian actress at all looking for work? Even if so, did he really think casting a half-African American person in her place would go unnoticed?

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