So I just got done reading that TMZ article where the victim whined Lindsay called her a gypsy and made a few observations

(And yes, she's at fault for once again putting herself in this situation and taking it as far as she did BUT we have to take a look at the facts):

1 - this woman entered the club with the intention of pursuing Lohan
2 - when Lohan rejected her, the woman's friend verbally attacked Lohan and called her a "whore"
3 - Lohan overreacted and attacked the woman thinking it was her who spewed the hateful comments
4 - After the arrest, both the woman and her husband have been talking to the press repeatedly and trashing Lohan publicly instead of letting the police and lawyers handle the upcoming case

This person saw an opportunity and exploited it, like with most of these people with allegations against Lindsay in the past few months. She's an easy target with no handlers/bodyguards around her and a bad rep, people know how easy it is to accuse her.

She deserves jail for lying to the police and her other crimes, but not this.