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‘Iron Patriot’ And ‘Tony Stark’ Stills From IRON MAN 3 Officially Released
Clumsy Thor
dirtylook wrote in ohnotheydidnt
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Further showcasing (Don Cheadle) James “Rhodey” Rhodes’ red, white and blue paint job for his War Machine armor, dubbed Iron Patriot, Marvel has officially released Iron Man 3 still images in anticipation for the Shane Black-helmed action thriller. Although previously seen as scans, the photos also feature (Robert Downey Jr.) billionaire Tony Stark caught agaze at something.


My brain does that going 1+2+4 1+1a=2a! It's a thing.

Thanks for clearing that up :D

I knew at one point Tony made Steve a suit I just didn't remember what happened to it.

ETA: For a "better" math reference.

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IIRC, he had the suit made not too long after the whole Armor Wars fiasco.

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