X FACTOR DISCUSSION + Next week's song voting

Want Cece to sing Die Young or Diamond to sing Diamonds?
Voting is open at the website.

This year the Pepsi Challenge is back and better than ever!

First, choose the songs the contestants will perform on next week's show! THEN, be a part of the action. YOU get to influence aspects of the contestants' performances!

From wardrobe to song style, the contestants will be interacting with you online to find out what you want to see on next week's performance.

Fans will have until Saturday, December 1at 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET to cast their votes.

In addition, this season, Pepsi and THE X FACTOR® have added a new facet to “THE X FACTOR® Pepsi Challenge.” Once the songs are determined by the fans’ choice, contestants will ask fans to step into a mentoring role – asking for their input on what outfits to wear, what vocal style the songs should be performed in, choreography themes, set design, visual effects, etc.

In addition, fans will be further engaged by the contestants’ daily submissions of rehearsal videos, pictures, posts and updates through various social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The designated hashtag is #PepsiChallenge. Pepsi and THE X FACTOR® continue to make history by allowing viewers to interact with contestants in real time, and directly impact their performances.

Source S2