This reminds me of my high school experience with teachers who had very shady views on homosexuality. We had to have at least one hour with each teacher to study sexuality and the risks of having unsafe sex. I can't even explain how horrified I was with my class and the teachers.
- One said that it's an addiction, just like alcohol and cigarrettes. I'm not gay, yet I wanted to punch him in the face anyway.
- When someone commented that you can look at someone and tell that they're gay, another one of my teachers laughed, just like he did when someone said that once you sleep with someone of the same gender, that person is homosexual forever (this person's excuse was "once a liar, always a liar", therefore "sleep once with a man/woman, forever gay").

Just felt like sharing my tramautic, bigoted high school experience. Granted, I grew up in a small town, but that's no excuse.