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I know they exist but there are bad people in EVERY profession

The ramifications of a shitty cashier with a register is less than a shitty cop with a gun, don't be cute.

And look up the statistics for the way minorities, rape victims and disabled people are treated by police, compared to white, male wealthy individuals. People are are not pulling it out of their ass. Drive while black/latino in a nice car, and get back to me. It being acceptable on any level to shoot a black man the morning of his wedding, when he held no gun IS A HUGE FUCKING ISSUE in police culture, that can't be swept up the rug because your dad was the Good Cop. Your anecedata means nothing, in this instance, no matter how perfect a cop I'm sure your father was.

There's something wrong with the way police are trained, and the overly aggressive way they are allowed to act to the non-white public populace when stuff like this keeps happening.

Man shot morning of wedding here