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Uhm what is your closing paragraph, especially within the context of the comment directly above yours?

I said I wasn't wanting to start wank, but since you brought all that and more with your own anecdata here's my own: I lived in my parents' rather wealthy rural neighborhood next door to a police chief for 5 years, during which time he proved himself to be an arrogant, small-minded, power-tripping creep - he would bring his cop friends home and drink until late and then harass the neighbors (and I mean literally, they would stake out a certain neighbor's driveway and talk loudly about all the violence/damage they could do if he dared show his face), and he once literally took a knife to his daughter's inflatable wading pool while she and my sister were inside it because he decided they shouldn't be in it at that moment. I mentioned this was a rather wealthy neighborhood earlier for context, because there was a homeowner's association and he would deliberately violate the rules (he built a randomass chicken coop and painted it traffic cone orange just to violate the charter/piss people off, for example).

Let's see, other cops in my past - I went to school with someone also in the police academy and he was every kind of ignorant, patronizing douchebag. "This is America, speak English" was literally a sticker he had on his laptop.

And just a couple months ago this happened. Of course the city isn't doing shit to punish them for using their status to threaten and humiliate some random parent at a ball game.

And then there's the cop who came to my high school to lecture the female students about "self defense" AKA "not dressing like you want to be raped, because there's always someone willing to take you up on that!"

So again, like I said in my original comment - obviously there are a lot of just your father's kind of amazing, principled cops out there. But my observations are just as valid as yours, and imo there are definitely a more-than-fair share of power-tripping, stereotype-buying tools. "Valuing justice" can translate a lot of the time to "valuing being RIGHT and making everyone else do things THEIR WAY" in my experience.

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