5:44 pm - 11/28/2012

The 45 Most WTF Red Carpet Moments Of 2012

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sadisticsidhe 29th-Nov-2012 12:04 am (UTC)
I Have to hand it to celebs. I would never have thought of many of these new and creative ways to fail.
daydream11 29th-Nov-2012 12:04 am (UTC)
That photo of Tan Mom gets worse the more you look at it. Oh my word.
hera_bearrra 29th-Nov-2012 12:04 am (UTC)
raised_eyebrows 29th-Nov-2012 12:06 am (UTC)
Dean does it better, imo.
mementox 29th-Nov-2012 12:07 am (UTC)
Why did she have to keep sticking her leg out like that, so awkward
drakefn 29th-Nov-2012 12:16 am (UTC)
I'm guessing yeast infection... why else would she do that?
ashtraysoul 29th-Nov-2012 01:07 am (UTC)
attention whauxring
arielcharming 29th-Nov-2012 12:07 am (UTC)
I seriously don't understand why she did that, she had to of lost a bet with someone.
leatherandjeans 29th-Nov-2012 12:08 am (UTC)
Arrogant bitch
colorstoobright 29th-Nov-2012 12:08 am (UTC)
what's dean got to do with it!
jello404 29th-Nov-2012 12:14 am (UTC)
fail tailoring.if the dress was made properly she wouldnt have to have gone threw all of that lol

hpxstac 29th-Nov-2012 04:36 am (UTC)
Lol this was hilarious. She came off as a little tipsy and wanting to have fun at an otherwise boring awards ceremony.
jigglemypuff 29th-Nov-2012 12:05 am (UTC)

They forgot someone.
mikilove13 29th-Nov-2012 12:05 am (UTC)
Lol, I remember that.
moddchicc 29th-Nov-2012 12:06 am (UTC)
LOL, this was when I first discovered who Bjork was
existential 29th-Nov-2012 12:09 am (UTC)
the list was for 2012
pallasdiamond 29th-Nov-2012 12:10 am (UTC)
this is fabulous idc
jello404 29th-Nov-2012 12:16 am (UTC)
she looked gorgeous.the world just wasnt ready for it.Now if it was 2012 and lady gaga did it..it would have been ~genius RME
whiskybars 29th-Nov-2012 12:18 am (UTC)
sastra_fuss 29th-Nov-2012 12:22 am (UTC)
should have been a real one. blood and all
tankmachine 29th-Nov-2012 12:23 am (UTC)
w/e she rocked it
burn_a_miracle 29th-Nov-2012 12:05 am (UTC)
Why is Miley on here? That is certainly not wtf worthy imo
drakefn 29th-Nov-2012 12:21 am (UTC)
I'm assuming because it looks like she forgot 1. an under shirt, and 2. pants
burn_a_miracle 29th-Nov-2012 12:35 am (UTC)
Maybe. To me its just a bad fashion choice and not nearly as stupid as most of the outfits on this list.
breaktheice89 29th-Nov-2012 12:05 am (UTC)
lol lena dunham is a mess
marywebgirl 29th-Nov-2012 12:05 am (UTC)
The fact that Rihanna is wearing pjs is stupid, but they look great on her.
vanishingbee 29th-Nov-2012 12:36 am (UTC)
rihanna could be wearing anything and they would look great on her. she has physical perfection to make up for every other aspect of her being shitty.
mikilove13 29th-Nov-2012 12:05 am (UTC)
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu isn't surprising at all. Demi's is just ugly even without the side boob. I'm not surprised Gaga and Ezra are here more than once.
bloblawslawblog 29th-Nov-2012 12:05 am (UTC)
Brian Wilson, hold me.
twerkbitch 29th-Nov-2012 12:06 am (UTC)

Am I the only one who actually likes this? I hate the dress but something about it on her just works. idk

Why the fuck is there an arrow on the ground tho? Are they afraid the celebrities are going to face the backdrop or something? lol
pagesinked 29th-Nov-2012 12:10 am (UTC)
Nope, I like it too but I don't like the feathers/fur at the bottom. The dress right after that one looks like its by the same designer and I like that one too. IDK lol
vanishingbee 29th-Nov-2012 12:36 am (UTC)
I like it too
hireaunicorn 29th-Nov-2012 12:41 am (UTC)
lol at the arrow
junemeaugust 29th-Nov-2012 07:33 am (UTC)
Belinda [latin pop star] wore something similar a few days before that and I liked it.

swissbeauty23 6th-Dec-2012 08:34 pm (UTC)
for me it's the ponytail + shoes that make it look weird
mementox 29th-Nov-2012 12:06 am (UTC)

Goddamn Salma Hayek has a slammin bod
arielcharming 29th-Nov-2012 12:06 am (UTC)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This can't be real. Right?
jigglemypuff 29th-Nov-2012 12:08 am (UTC)
Not unless her legs and hips don't meet correctly. Because it looks like her back leg is even with the very end of her ass.
banabee 29th-Nov-2012 12:09 am (UTC)
I find it really hard to believe that it's just padding
nationalboner 29th-Nov-2012 12:20 am (UTC)
I'm positive it's been shopped. I mean, the dress didn't look great, but in no other picture I've seen did her ass look that giant.
vanishingbee 29th-Nov-2012 12:37 am (UTC)
I buy it because I saw her shadow having similar ridiculousness going on in some shots, so I think this angle does exist for that look
headswillroll88 29th-Nov-2012 12:06 am (UTC)
ezra has worn weirder things, tho i guess the message on the balloon is kind of weird

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leatherandjeans 29th-Nov-2012 12:07 am (UTC)
I wish Bai Ling was still doing things. Or Phoebe Price (tho lbr she never did anything in the first place). Those crazy bitches took ridic dressing to a whole new, wonderful level.
cleanburritos 29th-Nov-2012 01:54 am (UTC)
Price was just at the AMAs, I remember because I always wonder how she gets media coverage for being a glorified seat filler.
inhibiting 29th-Nov-2012 12:07 am (UTC)
Rihanna's outfit is the bomb, and Miley's.. I am all for wearing pj's as outfits. And blazers. It's hot. No joke
hershelwalker 29th-Nov-2012 12:15 am (UTC)
ia, rihanna looked fab.
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