Dominic West and Romola Garai talk 'the Hour' and other things

If they shared the same fictional TV world, The Hour’s Bel Rowley would have become executive producer of a BBC news magazine in 1957, a few years before Mad Men’s Peggy Olson took a secretary job at Sterling Cooper. But Romola Garai says Bel is the brilliant fantasy of Abi Morgan’s sexy period drama, equal parts Broadcast News and The Philadelphia Story, in which her character runs ably alongside the men. Garai, whose recent credits include the miniseries The Crimson Petal and White and the film adaptation of David Nicholls’s One Day, rang Vulture from London this week to talk about where we pick up in season two  and why the actress thinks Bel wound up less loud and demanding than she could have been.

How have things changed for Bel since the end of season one?

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