Mariah Yeater's Scumbag Lawyer wants another 15 minutes

We had completely and delightedly forgotten the woman who claimed Justin Bieber got her pregnant in a bathroom in 2010. But, thanks to Mariah Yeater’s lawyer, there’s an update to the story.

The Daily News reports that attorney Jeffery Leving claims, “I have not seen [Bieber’s] DNA test results or had them scrutinized. If there was a first test, and I have no documentation to say there even was, I wasn’t provided with the results. I have not had my demands for an independent DNA test carried out by Mr. Bieber.”

Yeater, who has a 15-month-old son named Tristyn, sued Bieber in 2011 and ended up on a couple of tabloid covers, but later withdrew the suit. Bieber claimed he’d never met the woman, who said they’d had sex backstage after a concert. Bieber also publicly said he’d provided a DNA sample.

The Daily News, which hasn’t been able to reach a Bieber rep (Bieberep?) for comments writes, “Leving says he can’t discuss whether he’s been in contact with Bieber’s legal team and won’t say if he’s preparing new legal action on Yeater’s behalf. He does say that Bieber ‘is either the father or he isn’t. And if he is then he needs to step up to the plate and pay child custody’.”

LOL this isn't even new information - of course there wasn't a DNA test, Yeater dropped her suit last year, threw up some stupid "I don't understand chain of custody" objection and refused to allow her son's DNA to be sampled. You can't exactly run a paternity test without the alleged child's DNA.