4:52 pm - 11/27/2012

Bruce Lee answers a fan's letter about Kung Fu

Written by Vince Mancini

I just found this letter to and response from Bruce Lee – whose 72nd birthday would’ve been today - via the always fantastic LettersofNote. I put Bruce Lee in the headline because he’s got the name recognition, but the real star of this exchange is Roland Lee. The turn of phrase “Furthermore, he picked up a hammer and hit himself all over” is brilliant, and I could read it ten times over and still laugh every time. I want that worked into my epitaph somehow. “He had four loving children, having retired after working for the Illinois Railroad Company for 42 years. Furthermore, he picked up a hammer and hit himself all over.”
As to the what/where of the letter, Shaun from LettersofNote says: “In the 1960s Bruce Lee answered a bunch of fans’ letters via Black Belt magazine. Many are reprinted in this book (‘Dear Bruce Lee’).”

Anyway, great letter, and happy birthday, Bruce. We’d trade that crusty old sack of farts Chuck Norris for you in a heartbeat.

amethystcitrine 27th-Nov-2012 10:02 pm (UTC)
Haha I do things similarly. While I can dish out humor and sarcasm, for some reason I take everyone else completely seriously and often respond to them with that tone.
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