Justin Bieber meets Mia, a sick fan

Mia was among the fans who met Bieber prior to his concert at the Scotiabank Place in Kanata Friday.

Heather Pruder said the meeting with Bieber was everything her five-year-old daughter had expected it to be.

“He's very polite. Mia was the last person they brought into the meet and greet and as soon as he saw her his whole demeanour just completely softened,” she said.

“I think he wanted to have a few more minutes with her but his schedule didn't dictate it,” she said.

Mia Pruder is being treated for muscular dystrophy and mitochondrial depletion syndrome. Since late February, Mia has undergone numerous surgeries, life-threatening situations and a full tracheotomy due to her condition.

She was the focus of a Facebook campaign, Biebs for Mia, aimed at getting her a meeting with Bieber.

In June Mia received a video message from Bieber and her mother says she seeks out anything Bieber-related she can find on the Internet.

“She knows how to Google him.”

The family knew they had tickets for the show in April but it was not until last Wednesday that they found out for sure that they would meet Bieber in person.

In addition to meeting the singer, the family enjoyed VIP treatment at the concert.

“She absolutely loved the concert,” Heather Pruder said.

“We were treated really, really well.”

Originally they had seats right in front of the stage platform.

But show organizers decided the seats were not safe for Mia, so the family was moved to front row centre before the curtain went up.

“The show was delayed because of our movement,” Heather Pruder said.