Alyson Hannigan - Pretty in Blue
When So Victorious was starting, it was being pimped all over ONTD, but I never really clicked on the posts. Yet when it came out, I recognized the title, and downloaded it to check it out, not realizing it was a Disney (Nickelodeon?) series. My mind was blown that day. The episode was about the girl who was new in school, she was instantly smitten with this cute boy, they flirted, he had a girlfriend, and the girlfriend was the "bad guy" because she was bitchy to the lead who was, you know, flirting with her boyfriend. The honest to god message of the show was that these two characters would get together at some point, and the other girl was a bitch for keeping them apart.

So yeah, this will not be as good as Boy Meets World. Pre-teen programming has changed a LOT since the days of My. Feeny's words of wisdom.