Here's the thing about Chris Brown for me. Right after the whole Rihanna incident, my reaction was pretty much that they clearly needed to get away from each other because they were both too young to be having that kind of drama. Up until that point there hadn't been any really bad behavior or gossip about him so I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in that he made a horrible mistake and would hopefully try to move on and grow from it.

Honestly, it's actually his behavior post that incident that has made me pretty much consider him persona non grata. I don't give a shit if Rihanna's back with him because I'm indifferent to her and she's an adult (in age anyway). But to me, a lot of Chris' behavior shows that he never really got it. I don't think he ever fully owned what he did that night. I think he probably still feels he and Rihanna got into a little lover's quarrel, it went a little too far and stupid neighborhood woman called the cops and it spiraled in the media (and I'm not too sure Rihanna herself doesn't feel the same way).

In terms of this twitter thing, even with my distaste for him, I wouldn't say he doesn't have a right to stand up for himself or defend himself to people attacking him first. The problem is not his defending himself, it's HOW he defends himself and it ends up saying a lot about him as much as the woman. When Miranda Lambert threw shade at him, he handled it I thought in a surprisingly calm manner. He made some snarky comment about her using him to extend her 15 mins and that was it. And that's fine.

But going off and calling people hoe, bitch, c**t and whatever else and telling them to suck his d**k is not exactly helping to dispel people's opinion that he's still just an immature, angry black man. And he's been doing this for a while. It's the same with his quickness in calling any guy who says something negative about him, fa**ot. Yes, maybe the people are instigators and constantly criticizing him but at the end of the day, he is and always be the guy who left his girlfriend bloody and beaten on the side of a road and responses like that to any perceived slight is not going to help eliminate that view.