winterbiebs tbh
Uhh no tbh. I wrote my BA history thesis on The Beatles and their PR/relationship w/ the media and can definitively contradict you on this one.

The Beatles did NOT have wide appeal during the ~Mania/invasion. They built their empire on the backs of tween girls for those first years and were only able to transition to a slightly mellower brand of fame and more broad appeal later on (and consequently they really lost their tween appeal as they matured and became less musically accessible).

Learn some pop history - The Monkees were put together to star in a TV show and their fame/relevance was mostly in connection to the show and its merchandising. They lasted in the mainstream a short time after it went off the air, but really it was a fame arc that'd be hugely familiar to anyone who's followed the Disney/HWR franchises over the past decade. I'm not sure what you'd even begin to base your Bieber/Monkees comparison on.