The 11 Game of Thrones characters least likely to win the Iron Throne

I've noticed a great many "power rankings" online for A Song of Ice and Fire. I don't know if it's because George R.R. Martin loves football, where such things are common, but plenty of people have tried to guess who is most likely to end up "winning" the game of thrones by the end of the series by how much power they wield. But that ignores a huge host of characters who will never "win" - in fact, most of them will be lucky just to be alive by the end of the next book, The Winds of Winter. Why shouldn't they get their due? So behold, the first ever ASoIaF Powerless Rankings!

A few things to note: Characters have to be alive to make it onto the Powerless Rankings, and they also have to have appeared in more than a single book. Characters also have to be memorable enough that I remember who they are, so the list doesn't fill up with nth-tier Freys and random peasants. Oh, and last but not least, SPOILER WARNING FOR ALL FIVE BOOKS.

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