Marina Diamandis ☮ Happy as a clam
Yesterday, I went to HomeGoods and Pier 1 trying to find cute Christmas stuff to decorate the house with and I didn't find anything I liked. HomeGoods was picked through and Pier 1 had glitter on about 80% of the things in the store, so I was disappointed.

My aunt and uncle stopped by randomly yesterday afternoon to inform my parents and I that my aunt has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving. Apparently she didn't want to bother us by telling us she fell and got hurt. Now my dad and uncle are scrambling to buy plane tickets to go out to Florida to see if she's okay. She told the hospital that she didn't have any brothers and refuses to tell us if she has any bills due. We don't want anything to lapse while she's in the hospital. I don't know why she's being so difficult.