Sleeping Warrior
Seriously Emma, you just heard your mom talk about the whole Daniel situation and it's still all "Regina's to blame." What about fucking rumple who has been playing chess-master since before Regina was even born? He and Cora helped to turn her into who she is and for some reason we are supposed to feel more for him than her. Even Belle's whole "they just have to get to know you" thing. Regina's not innocent, but they put all the blame on her when she has been abused and tormented as much as some other people.

Also, Henry can't act and praise Aurora and he awesome sassy fierce light. I always loved her. HOW DID SHE GET THE HEART?!

I am however, constantly disappointed by the lack of Mulan on this show and how one-d they have made her. I was happy when she dipped. How is it that Snow can so easily overpower Mulan...?

I'll admit that holidays Snow and Charming promo made me aww.