Basically, Pop Is Shit Right Now.

Last week, Radio 1′s Head of Music George Ergatoudis noted that guitar music would come back sooner rather than later. He didn’t mean Ed Sheeran-type stuff with acoustic guitars and so on. He meant guitars that plug into things. He was responding to a comment by Kiss FM’s Programme Director Andy Roberts, who’d said that “we’re due guitars [again] but I think they’ll be a fusion of something we [radio stations] will all be able to play.” Ergatoudis was less ambiguous: “Guitar music is definitely on the way back.”

Most people in radio and TV have never made a secret of the fact that they would happily play Foo Fighters, Muse and U2 on a loop if they could get away with it. Most of the music industry and supporting media is populated by the blokiest blokes with the blokiest tastes, who only grudgingly produce or entertain the existence of pop music because they need to tick boxes and make what they perceive to be easy cash. No wonder so much pop is so joyless.

Pop needs a kick up the arse. Pop needs to try harder. Pop need to be scared for its future. Pop needs to be forced into a corner. And then pop needs to come out fighting.Collapse )

This is v accurate. Not bolding because if you're interested, you'll read it.