Crystal Castles pay tribute to fan who passed away from cancer


Crystal Castles paid tribute to a fan, who passed away from cancer recently, at their last night's gig at the O2 Brixton Academy. The stage was decorated with lilies, candles, and a picture of the fan, whose name was Connor.

The band was hoping to meet Connor on several occasions but his illness slowly grew worse. On his birthday, they phoned him and sent him a MIDI controller as a gift, and they also kept in touch via e-mail.


You can hear Alice crying in this video, it's at the end of the show.

Alice tried to get the crowd to say 'we love you Connor' but her mic is too distorted and the crowd couldn't understand her

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really sad, Alice was very upset that they never got to meet him. they invited him to the set of the Sad Eyes music video, but at the last moment, their record company changed locations and he couldn't come and meet them. the venue they played last night was only 3 miles from the hospital and they were planning on stopping by the hospital and playing a couple of songs acoustically just for him because he couldn't attend the show, but he passed away the day before they were planning to see him