Little Mix Ready To Take On One Direction In Bid For World Domination + XF Discussion

They've had the same begnnings as One Direction after being formed at X Factor's boot camp, and now Little Mix are ready to compete with Zayn and co for world domination!

The girl group took the X Factor crown last year and since then have enjoyed amazing success in the UK but they've got even bigger plans for 2013:
"I want us to be the biggest girl band in the world. You've got to aim high. I'd like to achieve that within three years," Leigh Anne told We Love Pop magazine.
Perrie then added: "One Direction have kind of opened up the gates for everyone else, hopefully. We'll see."
It's good to have ambition girls! 
Meanwhile customised copies of Little Mix’s debut album DNA sold out online in just 13 seconds this weekend. A total of 500 special CDs went on sale this week as part of web retailer Amazon’s Black Friday Deals sale and the disc proved so popular with fans they were snapped up in seconds.
The products were delivered to Amazon’s warehouse in Hemel Hempstead, England, by the former X Factor contestants on Monday and were available for £3.99 from Wednesday.
The sale of the units broke records for the online retailer, even beating One Direction!  Signed copies of their debut album Up All Night sold out in less than a minute as part of the same promotion last year.

                                          I was forced to turn this into a XF discussion + 1D party so it might be a huge post lol 

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