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One Direction and The Wanted used to love each other....
smolderhotter wrote in ohnotheydidnt

So it all seems to have kicked off between One Direction and The Wanted, and by that we mean Zayn Malik and Max George, with some supporting insults thrown in by Tom Parker and Louis Tomlinson. Sassy ‘ard bitches.
So far what we’ve been left with that Zayn is “cranky after bud” who “can’t take banter”; and Max is a “Chlamydia boy” who’s a bit of a “clown”.

We’re all a bit confused by it all and still trying to work out whether all the rowing and STIs are real, banter or just PR for that massive Madison Square Garden gig they’re both playing at next month.
While you lot try and work that out, take a look at a video that a Sugarscaper sent to us today of The Wanted and One Direction getting on and being friends. YES, FRIENDS.


He wanted to be an ENGLISH teacher actually...

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