K and some of us have rational points of view.

This is my comment from the last post:

I do think Halle is crazy, but then, so what? My situation is a lot like hers:

I'm "crazy", too. I have mental health issues and I know that, at times, I am insufferable to be around. That said, I get the shit beaten out of me almost daily. For "being crazy". And, for a long time, people around me --my family, friends, etc-- would say "yeah but Clare is crazy". As in, he shouldn't hit me/be violent but, then again, when he did, they "got it". So, for a long time, I believed that. And, when I would get beat, he would say shit like "go ahead and cry -- everyone hates you, you deserve this". One day I realised that I have never looked upon a woman suffering domestic violence, ever, and thought that she deserved it. And I realised that I didn't either. It hit me that my aggressors were 1) the actual person doing the actual beings and 2) this fucked-up society (including friends and family) that I live in that thinks there is justification for it. It also hit me that my mental illness wasn't just making life hard for me on my level but also hard for me in the sense that it points a target on my back that I can't shake.

I know that, in this situation, Halle isn't being beaten by Gabriel (I think? Tbh I don't follow these situations that closely because they hit too close to home) but she is suffering a kind of violent use of power over her, one also being perpetrated by people watching this situation and assuming that her mental illness implicates her in deserving this shit. Maybe she's a liar. Maybe she's no good. Maybe she's a victim. Maybe, because we don't know. But some of you should really stop and consider what using "crazy" against her says about the stigma of mental illness*. Halle is a woman of means and money. It should tell you a lot that she hasn't been able to make this problem go away (a la Tom Cruise-Nicole Kidman-Isabella-Connor). Because she is a victim, painted with the "crazy psycho bitch" colours... And some people are probably using that to the advantage of their anti-Halle stance, including Gabriel (likely) and ONTD (definitely)

* I am not saying mental illness absolves one of sin. I'm just saying that it shouldn't lessen the value of using FACTS, not emotional reactions to the "crazy", in situations like this