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I cannot with the comments about Halle Berry in these posts.
People either seem to think she's an evil, crazy, manipulative whore or an innocent saint who is a victim in all of this. The former are bigots, the latter are just naive and frankly, I find their position to be almost as sexist as the former's.

Do I think that it's possible that this fight was deliberately premeditated? I'm certainly cynical enough to believe so. Let's not forget that Olivier Martinez is a French citizen and he himself probably wants to have his cake and eat it, i.e. go back home together with his current girlfriend and her ex is standing in the way. Ultimately, even if this was premeditated with Halle Berry's consent and knowledge, it's still her boyfriend, who is a grown man perfectly capable of making his own decisions and acting in his own interests that made the choice to go through with it. Grownass men are neither mindless luggage that can be stolen from one woman by another nor mindless tools that can be made to do something they don't already want to do by the magical power of pussy.