10:41 pm - 11/23/2012

Cody Rhodes Is Engaged


WWE star Cody Rhodes is to marry Brandi Reed who was signed to a WWE developmental contract in 2011 accompanying Lucky Cannon to the ring at a FCW house shows before being called up to the main roster as a ring announcer for NXT and Superstars. She asked for her release in December of 2011.

Reed announced their engagement via Twitter:
"Last night was for us, time to share! @CodyRhodesWWE is officially my fiancé! (Or my beyonce for those who know)"


I'm sorry rocksaltme .... I still love u
darkwarrior 24th-Nov-2012 05:17 am (UTC)
It seems obvious to me that Reed paid off Kane to give Rhodes a concussion so that she can take advantage of his fragile mental state; convince him to marry her (something a sane Rhodes would never do, he knows how much she craves the Heart of Mugata that only he knows how to locate); and then kill Rhodes off for his money.

$10 this ends up as a WWE plotline before the end of 2013.
rocksaltme 24th-Nov-2012 05:20 am (UTC)
I will save him from her evil plot, tbh. It's a stan's job, yeah?

lol sadly, it could.
darkwarrior 24th-Nov-2012 05:23 am (UTC)
I don't know how they even pursue a relationship with anyone not in the business (and with like 40 dudes and 5 women...well you can imagine what is going on backstage). They work like every single week of the year, the upper tier guys work Monday and record Smackdown, then maybe Main Event too, and theres a Saturday Slam or something.

I mean some of these are probably filmed in one day, then gotta travel to and from shows to home maybe, or a hotel. I wouldn't trust a steroid fueled boyfriend surrounded by all the hottie Divas.
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