9:13 pm - 11/23/2012


General Hospital's Thanksgiving: In Memory Of John Ingle!

It was Thanksgiving in Port Charles on Wednesday's episode of GENERAL HOSPITAL which was dedicated to the late John Ingle, who played Edward Quartermaine for many years. In true "Q" fashion, the family was at odds including Ned and Skye, who returned after learning of of Edward's death. Skye brought her daughter, Lila Rae.

Earlier in the episode Heather arrived, took Skye hostage and destroyed Thanksgiving dinner. Tracy was upset because she wanted it to be perfect. Their normal pizza place was closed and things looked grim. But the doorbell rang and, mysteriously, a stack of pizzas was sitting there.

Alice brought then pizzas inside and the back of Edward is shown watching over his family. When Lila Rae said she wanted to eat, the family repeated Edward's words, "First we sing. Then we eat."

Edward's ghost/spirit began to sing "We Gather Together" and the family joined in. The camera panned out and his late wife, Lila, was sitting in her wheel chair beside him.

"What would you say if I asked you to renew our commitments to each other?" he asked.

"Of course I will, dear," she replied. And then they walked up the stairs. Fade out followed by the "In Memory Of..." title card.

Ronn Moss On Not Returning To BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL!

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL has been heartbreaking in recent weeks as the show prepares to say goodbye to daytime legend Susan Flannery and her longtime character, Stephanie Forrester. The one missing element in the story has been Stephanie's son, Ridge, played by Ronn Moss, who left the show in September.

After weeks of online speculation about Ridge's possible return, Moss responded over the weekend on Twitter about why he has not returned: "Several reasons. I'm not on the show any more. They didn't ask me".

ALL MY CHILDREN's Cameron Mathison to guest star on HOT IN CLEVELAND!

Marc Anthony Samuel Joins GENERAL HOSPITAL!

Marc Anthony Samuel is joining the cast of GENERAL HOSPITAL iny the contract role of Felix, a nursing student friend of Sabrina (Teresa Castillo)

Samuel first airs on Tuesday, December 4. Look for the character to play an integral role in helping return the annual Nurse's Ball charity event to General Hospital.

Watch Samuel's acting demo reel below:

THE THORN BIRDS Coming To Encore

Encore will feature the award-winning saga, THE THORN BIRDS, on Monday, December 10th – Thursday, December 13th at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The four-part miniseries will air as part of "The Big Miniseries Showcase," a weekly programming destination featuring fan favorite and classic titles on Encore.

Winner of six Emmy Awards and four Golden Globe Awards, including the highly coveted Golden Globe for Best Miniseries, THE THORN BIRDS stars Richard Chamberlain (BROTHERS & SISTERS, The Perfect Family, Shogun).

Chamberlain – who won a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actor for his portrayal of the ambitious, alluring and conflicted Father Ralph de Bricassart – is joined by an award-winning cast including Academy Award® nominee Rachel Ward (RAIN SHADOW, On the Beach, Against All Odds) as Meggie Cleary, the beautiful, yet often neglected young woman who falls in love with Father de Bricassart; the wealthy and envious matriarch Mary Carson played by Barbara Stanwyck, who won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress, for her role in the miniseries; Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Up) as the ascetic, wise and understating Archbishop Contini-Verchese.

In THE THORN BIRDS, a wealthy Australian sheep station owner named Mary Carson, declares her deep yet unrequited love for a young parish priest, Father Ralph de Bricassart. Angry and frustrated, Mary dies shortly thereafter, knowing she can continue to control Father de Bricassart’s destiny, even from the grave. She places him far beyond the reach of anyone, especially her young niece Meggie Cleary, who falls in love with the priest. Father de Bricassart reciprocates his love and physical yearning for Meggie, however he is engaged in a constant struggle between his spiritual calling and his carnal desires. Spanning several generations, the saga chronicles the bittersweet lives, loves, secrets, tragedies and triumphs of a New Zealand farming family (originally released in 1983).

Larry Hagman stays positive about wife's Alzheimer's!

The 81-year-old star said: "She's not very well. But those were the cards we were dealt, so we'll play with them. More than half a century of happy years is a lot to draw on."

Hagman, who reprised his role as J.R. Ewing in DALLAS, was diagnosed with throat cancer and says he wouldn't have got through it all without the help of his co-stars Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "I had a rough patch there last year when I was shooting. But I do have two very good friends on the show, and they supported me, as did the writers and producers, who gave me all the time off I needed for the therapy, and it went very smoothly, did it not?"


Gene Bua Dead at 72!

Actor and teacher Gene Bua has died at age 72. He passed away on November 17 with his wife, Toni Bull, by his side. Bull announced the news of his death:

"The great Master Teacher and my hero and Lion King for 47 years, Gene Bua, passed into the Light on Sat. Nov. 17th at 1:40, after battling 13 years of Parkinson's and yet still going on to teach, write songs, be a mighty friend, and enjoy much of his life. I am surrounded by his power love and radiance as I walk through these coming days with as much Grace as God will allow me. Very much love to you all."

- Toni Bua, carrying on Gene's legacy in my heart and soul.

Trained at New York's prestigious Neighborhood Playhouse, Gene Bua was discovered by famed composer Richard Rodgers who asked him to play the lead in the Broadway revival of "The Boys from Syracuse." After starring in a string of hit shows, Gene became a soap opera idol as Bill Prentiss on CBS TV's long-running daytime drama, LOVE OF LIFE, where he met his co-star, Toni Bull.

Robuck's Sexy New Role!!

On ONE LIFE TO LIVE, Nic Robuck played good guy James Ford, but in the new movie Dark Desire, he's inhabiting a much darker character. Shane is a young man who has suffered a rough upbringing, and upon seeing his new college roommate's family decides he'd like that kind of family for himself... or maybe that family in particular!

"His roommate takes him home and Shane kind of sees this family life that his best friend has that he's always wanted," says Robuck. "He really wants to become a part of that and is willing to do whatever it takes. And he kind of goes to desperate measures. He kind of seduces the mom and... some people die!"

And while OLTL fans are going to see a whole new side to the young actor, they're also going to be seeing a whole lot more of him, too. "The mom is played by Kelly Lynch, who is just fantastic and talented and very, very sexy. I was nervous about having to be so... nude with this woman," Robuck says with a chuckle. "But you know, you just don't think about it. You go in for the kill and you do it. It was stressful, but it was well-directed and it looks great."

Dark Desire will be debuting on Lifetime Movie Network this Friday, November 23, at 8:00 pm EST. "And it's going to run like crazy through the holidays," Robuck reports, "so it'll be hard to miss. I'd love for people to tune in!"

Judith & Liz & Dick!

THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS' Judith Chapman (Gloria) plays the role of a socialite in the Lifetime original TV movie Liz & Dick, set to premiere on Sunday, November 25 at 9 p.m. EST. The film chronicles the life and tempestuous love story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and stars Lindsay Lohan as the legendary screen star. Grant Bowler (UGLY BETTY) plays Burton.

"It was wonderful," Chapman tells Soaps In Depth. "I heard about the project and who was playing the part of Liz. I had an audition to play her mother. I knew I'd knocked their socks off. Sometimes you have a feeling. But nothing happened. I was really surprised. Flash-forward a few weeks later, [my representation] told me that they'd already cast someone else as the mother, but that they really liked me and wanted me for the role of a socialite who would interact with Lindsay. (Laughs) I figured, 'Well, if my scenes are with her they probably won't be cut!'

"We shot in a beautiful home in the Pacific Palisades. I learned that Eyal Podell (ex-Adrian) was on the cast call sheet, too! We met in the makeup room and I learned that the same thing happened for him. He auditioned for Eddie Fisher, but he was cast [instead] as one of Liz's [other] lovers. The director asked me to improv at one point in a scene with Lindsay and when I did she laughed. I thought, 'There's a really nice, young girl in there.'"

Chapman says that when Lohan learned that her two fellow actors had ties to soap operas, she chimed in with the fact that she'd once played on ANOTHER WORLD as Alli (Rachel's granddaughter.) "She said, 'Oh, I used to be on a soap opera!' I gave her a look because I thought AW has been off the air for a while! She said, 'I think I was eight years old when I did it.'"

GH: Wedding Crashers!

During a confrontation with Carly, (Robin) Christopher shares that, "push literally comes to shove! And in the midst of this hullabaloo, we make a discovery that there's some connection between us that seems to be unsolved that involves a certain man that was in both our pasts." (Psst. If you are guessing Alcazar, you're right!)

Things get even more complicated once Carly tells Todd about Alcazar... and he notices a striking resemblance between Carly's ex and Tomas, the man that Blair is preparing to marry! Quicker than you can say "road trip," Todd, Carly, and Skye are racing to crash Blair's wedding. But will they get there in time? And even if they do, will Todd's former wife believe what she's told... or assume he's making a last-ditch effort to win her back?

GH: Skye Goes After Tracy!!

In the December 4th issue of Soap Opera Digest, it features an article about Skye, AJ, and Tracy.

Skye and AJ pick up right where they left off this week being each other’s allies.

When AJ questions whether he deserves an inheritance from his grandfather, Skye is there to buoy her cousin. “He feels like he isn’t worthy of an inheritance.” Skye tells him he is Edward’s blood and tells him what Edward said in his will is what he meant and to not doubt that.

Skye more than anyone knows that he probably feels like he’s never proved himself to the family but tells him it is never too late and she will be there to help him. Of course she wants to stick it to Tracy but her primary allegiance is to AJ. They will do anything for each other good or bad without question. Skye wants to see AJ have more power at ELQ and thinks he wants that too. But of course Tracy is always the No and the one person in their way. So they have to gang up on Tracy to get anywhere.

Sky’s dealing with Tracy leads her to Johnny to question him about what happened between her and Anthony and the mob money and ELQ.

Later in the week, her Llandview ties come into play. “Todd is probably the person who most upsets her, says Robin Christopher. Her reaction to him is going to be lots of fun.

GH: Connie and Sonny Face Off!

In the December 4th issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article about Sonny and Connie...

When Sonny realizes that his psychiatric team is no match for a determined Connie, he sweeps in to try to summon Kate himself. He turns on the romance, but it leads to an argument.. This duo is no stranger to heated confrontations but this one is very revealing, a huge discussion comes out of it. “If Connie is not the alter, if Connie’s the real personality, Connie and I were in love in Bensonhurst, why do you hate me.”

Connie thinks Sonny is responsible for what happened to her. If he was never in her life, she would have never been raped. It’s a moment where Sonny finally understands Connie’s mental state. He again tries to reach Kate and she does almost come out but Michael interrupts ruining the moment.

Y&R: Cane Feels Threatened!

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest it features an article about Cane's worries...

After Neil informs Cane that Devon will be working at Jabot, it rubs Cane the wrong way because Cane had to work really hard to get where he’s at with Jabot. Cane feels there’s obvious nepotism going on. Devon feels Cane’s growing concerns and try to reassure him that he’s not after anyone’s job.

Next, Cane feels demoralized when Neil asks him to show Devon around Jabot, making him miss important meetings. Cane feels Neil is dismissive toward him. Cane is concerned but Neil keeps telling him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about. Things don’t get better when Cane tries running some ideas with Neil and Neil tells him to run them by Devon when it’s only his first day.

Later, Cane voices apprehensions to Lily, telling her that he could not do his job at work because he had to show Devon around. Lily tells him her dad would never do anything like that. Cane suspects Neil hasn’t truly forgiven him about all the hurt he’s caused Lily in the past.

DAYS: Marlena loses control;!

The newest issue of Soap Opera Digest features an article about Marlena and Kristen.

Marlena asks Brady for help in finding incriminating evidence against Kristen, but he says he thinks Kristen has changed. So Marlena breaks into Kristen's hotel room herself. She finds Kristen's tablet pc and starts looking at it, but then Kristen comes in. She and Marlena have a fight and then Brady comes in and calms things down. Kristen lets Marlena look at the file, and it's a journal entry about making amends with everyone.

Kristen calls John but surprisingly doesn't tell him what Marlena did. Marlena leaves and Brady thanks Kristen for not telling John.

Kristen then goes to church and asks Father Tobias if she may confess. Brady is also at church and overhears, despite his best judgment. When he hears what Kristen says, it furthers his opinion that she has indeed changed.

But, Brady also overhears Kristen telling Father Tobias that she's become attached to a certain person but knows these are feelings she shouldn't be having...

Kassie DePaiva Talks Coping With No One Life, Her Stints on GH, And Trevor St. John!!

It has been a very transitional year for One Life to Live fan favorite, Kassie DePaiva. After still grieving the loss (as we all are) of the beloved 43-year-old soap that was misguidedly canceled by ABC, DePaiva has found some recurring guest stint arcs on General Hospital bringing her Blair Cramer over to Port Charles to deal with the drama and trauma of her daughter, Starr (Kristen Alderson) and her ex-hubby Todd, (Roger Howarth). Yet with all the fan requests, DePaiva is still not on contract at the now lone ABC Soap.

Soap Opera Uncensored chatted with DePaiva to get her thoughts on why she is not on GH long term, how she is coping with life post-One Life, and if she would like to be the actress and character that brings Victor Jr. on to the Port Charles canvas, if the powers-that-be should ever play that card. Here are some excerpts from the interview with Kassie below!

Kassie on coming to terms with the cancellation of OLTL: “Every day that goes by it becomes a little easier for me. It was really hard for me to join GH and play Blair the first time. It got better the second time. Actually, I turned down GH the second time because it was just too painful because everyone had signed a contract with GH — but me! I said, “Forget that; I’m not going there because I felt like I didn’t want to diminish a brand I felt I had developed for almost two decades — and it was too hurtful.” Also, the fans were so emotionally invested in Blair that I didn’t want to disappoint them with these short stints… but then Frank convinced me to come back. Listen, I love the work. I love working with Roger Howarth (Todd) and Kristen Alderson (Starr). But each time I visit GH, it’s less emotionally painful for me. The reality is that they are not going to ask me to stay permanently because they already have a Blair-type character on the canvas — and her name is Carly — even though we’re very different but, if you look at the palette of our characters, we are the same shade.”

Kassie on what it must be like for former OLTL Actors, such as Erika Slezak (Viki) to watch One Life continue in some way on another soap: “Llanview and Port Charles are totally different. On One Life, you wanted to watch Cristian paint in Angel Square. On GH, you have to watch your back or you’ll be shot! (Laughs) They are two different types of shows: one survived and one is missed, which is ironic since almost all of our One Life writers are penning GH so it’s not like they don’t know how to write the One Life characters. GH is just a different show and head writer Ron Carlivati has a new audience he has to write for — and that audience is not a One Life audience.”

Kassie on if Blair should find Victor Jr. and bring him to Port Charles to shock the heck out of Todd: “Of course. I mean, that was the tag of our final moment on our show. That was the biggest cliffhanger of all. It would be fantastic to play out the Victor storyline on GH, but I’m not the writer. I don’t know what’s in store for GH. They have a huge cast of characters. I do know that Ron is bringing a lot of old heroes and villains from GH’s past, which I think will be fun to watch. But I have no idea if ABC is even going to continue to invest in GH. But I adore Trevor St. John (Victor Jr.)! I’ve probably laughed harder with Trevor and Dan Gauthier (Ex-Kevin Buchanan) in my 19 years on the show than with anyone else. We’d sit in the dressing room learning our lines and laugh our butts off! We were just silly. I love both those guys. I think Trevor is a movie star. He’s so talented.”

Fumbling Thru The Pieces Pays Homage to OLTL & AMC!!

In a hilarious and spoofy new episode of the hit web series, Fumbling Thru The Pieces starring Hillary B. Smith (Ex-Nora, OLTL), several of the key characters are heartbroken when Shara (Diane Delano) receives a disturbing text that One Life to Live has been canceled!

Next, Barb (Tara Chocol Joyce) and Jesse (Kelsey Robinson) commiserate with Shara over losing their beloved characters in particular, Bo and Nora (with Hillary B. Smith standing right there in the form of Ellie from “Fumbling”), Clint and Viki, and Dorian! Even Ellie’s husband Vince (Robert Maffia) we learn has a deeply rooted connection and affection for One Life to Live.

As the gals feel the loss of One Life to Live they also reveal All My Children has been axed too! One of the funnier moments happens when Jesse says, “Just a tad” and Shara says, “Tad! No more Tad Martin!” All the while, Hillary as Ellie is the one character who could care less about the soaps!

B&B: Stephanie Forrester's Top 10 most evil moments!!

10. Your Mom's A Looker, But She's A Hooker
Ridge's half-brother, Nick Marone, had taken control of Forrester, which Stephanie wanted to restore to Eric. So Stephanie did some snooping and found out that Nick's mother, Jackie, had once turned tricks to keep food on the table. Hoping to sabotage Nick's Forrester fashion show, Stephanie located a former client of Jackie's and put him on the runway for the show's finale, exposing Jackie's sordid past to the world. Stephanie spelled out "HO" for the Future long before granddaughter Steffy did.

9. What A Shot In The Arm
Stephen Logan was tired of Stephanie always hating on his daughters. So he romanced bipolar Pam, got her off her meds, and arranged to have Pam shoot Stephanie. But when Pam regained enough of her senses to stop herself from offing her sister, Stephanie grabbed the gun and pointed it at Stephen, grinning, "Say hi to Beth for me." Even though Stephanie "only" shot Stephen in the arm, it was a helluva way to settle a family feud.

8. Your Kids Are My Kids
When "evidence" surfaced claiming Brooke paid off a doctor to say Bridget was Ridge's daughter and not Eric's, Stephanie stepped up her vendetta against Brooke and shamed her into leaving town. And after Brooke neglected to call Rick and Bridget one night, Stephanie (not knowing Brooke was suffering from brief reactive psychosis) marched into court to have the children removed from Brooke's custody, even moving them into her home. Stephanie capped her maternal display by having Brooke arrested when she returned and spent time with her own kids. And Ridge and Thorne thought they'd had it rough.

7. Really, You Shouldn't Have
Bridget had already forgiven her mother, Brooke, for sleeping with her husband, Deacon. But Stephanie went on alert when Brooke showed an interest in Nick Marone, another of Bridget's paramours. Inviting Brooke to her home, Stephanie gifted Brooke with a fancy box -- a box that contained a loaded gun. Stephanie suggested that everyone would be better off if Brooke took the gun and shot herself. Instead, Brooke took a shot at Stephanie. Well, it's the thought that counts.

6. Tea For Two, But None For me
Long before Brooke, Stephanie had another target in her war against the women in Ridge's life: Morgan DeWitt. Stephanie forced a teenaged Morgan to abort Ridge's baby, then sent her away. Later, when an unstable Morgan resurfaced and tricked the married Ridge into getting her pregnant again, Stephanie sweetly offered Morgan some tea -- laced with a drug intended to trigger a miscarriage. Morgan's eventual tumble down Taylor's staircase accomplished that, but Stephanie's brief turn as the evil queen in Snow White was a close second.

5. Big Bear Cabin or Bates Motel?
Brooke had already been involved with Stephanie's husband, Eric, and Stephanie's son, Ridge. But Stephanie really went "psycho" when Brooke took up with Stephanie's number two son, Thorne. Stephanie lured Brooke to the family cabin in Big Bear, where she proceeded to slap and punch Brooke before choking her and threatening her with a fire poker. It was easily La Forrester's most violent moment in 25 years on B&B. Good thing Brooke didn't try to take a shower.

4. Hit Him Where It Hurts
Stephanie was understandably torqued when she found paperwork that revealed she was the true owner of Forrester Creations, and that Eric had kept it a secret for decades. Viewers knew that Eric was in for it, but what we didn't expect was that Stephanie would introduce her knee to Eric's baby-makers. Eric may have had it coming for his deception, and perhaps even his dalliances with Brooke, Sheila, and Lauren, but talk about hitting below the belt!

3. It Ain't Exactly A Love Connection
Stephanie made a grab for Brooke's younger kids, Hope and R.J., when Brooke unwittingly left them alone for the night. To distract Brooke from the custody battle, Stephanie sicced the handsome Andy Johnson on Brooke, giving the man Brooke's address and telling him where to find her spare key. But the scheme backfired horrifically when Andy raped Brooke in her own home. Stephanie went out of her way to apologize afterwards, but Brooke -- and most of the audience -- couldn't forget that Stephanie had set the wheels in motion for the brutal attack.

2. I Have A Berry Good Idea
Stephanie and Brooke had finally made peace when Stephanie was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. But then Stephanie heard that Brooke and her stepson, Thomas, had gotten high on psychedelic berries while stranded on a deserted island, and shockingly used the event to finally get Brooke away from Ridge. Stephanie promised a gullible Thomas her 25% stake in Forrester Creations if Thomas lied and said he'd had sex with Brooke. He did, Brooke's marriage was destroyed, and Ridge was set to remarry Taylor, until Dayzee convinced Stephanie to confess. Perhaps Brooke was better off as Stephanie's enemy after all!

1. Have A Heart…Attack
Taylor had come back from the dead, wanting to reunite with Ridge. But Stephanie's usual badgering wasn't working, so she bribed a doctor into helping her fake a heart attack. Stephanie's family rushed to her side, and Ridge predictably went back to Taylor to keep his mother happy. But Brooke smelled a rat and confronted Stephanie in the hospital, yanking her life support and daring Stephanie to die! When the truth came out, the Forresters turned their back on their queen, because they knew what every fan knew -- that the scheme had been the most evil thing Stephanie Forrester had ever done.

The Week In The Year 2000!

After David accidentally spilled Libidozone in the punch at Ryan's IncredibleDreams.com party, total chaos erupted. Leo, with Laura's help, made Greenlee extremely jealous. With only Bianca looking on, Greenlee pushed Laura off the boat. Bianca fainted dead away when Laura hit the water. Luckily, Eliot was called out to the deck, and he dove into the icy waters to save the young woman. Greenlee later threatened to expose Bianca's lesbianism if she blabbed about what she had seen. Leslie seduced Tad. Adam and Liza got engaged. Hayley walked in on Mateo and Arlene having sex. Hayley confronted her mother and strangled her. When Hayley returned to the spot where she had "killed" Arlene, Arlene was gone. Cured by the Libidozone, Gillian and Jake made love. Ryan walked in on them and forced Gillian to admit that she still loved him. Alex disappeared, and Dimitri accused Edmund of being responsible.

Andy accepted John's offer to move in with him, infuriating Kim. After Ben declared Molly's medical tests were all normal, a relieved Jake admitted to Molly that he was in love with her. Denise prepared to resign from WOAK. Isaac apologized to Denise for kissing her, and Andy later tackled him, but he mistakenly believed Andy was hurting Denise. Holden spent time with Rose and Joe.

Visiting Amber, Taylor tried to counsel her into thinking twice before marrying C.J. when she still had feelings for Rick. Seeing how desperate the fashion clans were over his son, Deacon had second thoughts about signing the custody papers so quickly. Clarke informed an agitated Ridge that he knew Ridge was the father of Morgan's baby and that it was only a matter of time before Taylor knew as well.

Bo and Jennifer buried a friend or foe at sea and then dealt with another life-threatening emergency. Marlena lost her cool with everyone. Brady became a fugitive -- with Roman, Abe, and John on his trail. Belle couldn't remember anything about the accident. Nancy's tough love act as substitute host for the Dr. Marlena Show made a big hit in the ratings, and she couldn't wait to tell the entire hospital of her newfound success. Hattie underwent plastic surgery and had a disturbing encounter with Marlena. Belle was released from the hospital. At Thanksgiving dinner, Philip blasted Victor about why he hadn't married Kate and his insensitivity toward her. Brandon was forced to make love to Angela, as Sami and Nicole worked on Lucas.

Chloe told Stefan that she had dreamed of Helena and the Ice Princess. Stefan later realized Chloe was going blind and arranged an "escape" from the island. Scott pulled Laura into a kiss when she told him of her successful deal with Sonny. Nikolas invited Lucky, Liz, Juan, and Emily to Gia's for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cassie was devastated by Richard's accusations of her infidelity. Edmund played victim to Richard's suspicions of his possible involvement, but later seemed to have evidence linking him to the events. Claire got the boot from the Bauers, and was invited to live at the Spaulding mansion, much to Phillip's displeasure. Marah and Shane overheard Reva and Josh arguing about Josh's upcoming marriage to Olivia. The teens prepared for their concert as Catalina was sandbagged into joining them and keeping it a secret from Reva.

Roseanne lost all her money and tried to borrow some from Cris. Jessica and Will made love. Todd had Blair wash off the gunpowder residue and then called an ambulance. Cris accepted R.J.'s job offer. "Conscience Nora" tried to convince Lindsay to tell Bo the truth about Asa. Colin demanded money from Lindsay. Todd and Blair were questioned about the shooting, but their residue tests were negative. Todd planted the gun in Skye's room. Lindsay demanded $500,000 from Asa. Rae told Sykes she had seen Skye outside Asa's house. Ben was still worried for his and Viki's safety. Sam warned Colin to stay away from Nora. Lindsay and Nora decided to co-host Thanksgiving dinner.

Julian, Rebecca, and Gwen stopped Theresa from seeing Ethan. Luis, overcome with emotion, held Sheridan close as they professed their love for one another. Hank approached, and Luis went to tell him Sheridan was alive, but when he stepped aside, Sheridan was gone. Julian ensured that the newspaper headline had Ethan blaming Luis and Sam for Sheridan's death. Sam was upset to learn that the prints on the gun didn't match Pierre's. Hecuba put Kay's life in jeopardy. Theresa and Ethan talked alone, and cleared up all the miscommunication between them. Gwen set up Luis to see Ethan and Theresa together.

Cassie's tests for tuberculosis were negative, but she still needed to take antibiotics to get rid of any further infections. Nina's novel would be published. Carter took Nick's ATM card and knew his PIN number. Carter planned ahead before he headed to Milwaukee. He called Warton to make the arrangements under Nick's name in order to frame Nick. Tomas was going to have Thanksgiving dinner at his place and invited Paul, Chris, Mary, Ryan, Phillip, and Tricia as well. Carter thought Tricia should get even with Victoria before she handed in the towel. Neil found out it was Nikki who had saved Jabot with the other $35 million. He gave Victoria 24 hours to tell Victor before he did. Paul and Christine decided stay in Genoa City to be with Mary for the holidays. Christine had a cruise planned, but Paul ruined the idea. Nikki thought Diane was using her child as a weapon toward Victor. Diane knew that it was Victor's baby and he would be involved in its life, whether he liked it or not. Tricia sneaked out of Carter's fire escape while Nick paid Carter an early visit before they left for Milwaukee. Victoria hoped that the time Nikki spent with Victor was precious because once Victor found out the news, all hell would break loose. Brad vowed to get revenge on Victor for ruining his wedding day. Mary stopped by Nina's place and felt family and friends should get involved in changing Christine's mind about having a baby.


Monday, November 26
Sami and Rafe find a family planning website on Gabi's computer and fear she's about to terminate her pregnancy.
Gabi waits for her abortion to begin at the clinic.
Will has seconds thoughts about Gabi's decision.
Eric tells Hope he thinks Nicole can change.
Nicole apologizes to Jennifer for everything she did to her.
Daniel explains all about the clinical trial Jennifer discovered to help his hand tremors to Maggie.
Maggie confronts Jennifer about pressuring Daniel.
Nicole attempts to make amends with Daniel, but is unable to go through with it.
Daniel thanks Jennifer, admitting he's ready to give the clinical trial a try.
DVR Alert: Sami and Rafe arrive at the clinic just as a teary-eyed Gabi emerges from the back.

Tuesday, November 27
Gabi admits she couldn't go through with the abortion, much to Rafe's relief.
Will is about to confess he's the father of Gabi's child, when Nick arrives and whisks her off.
Nick confronts Gabi about Chad being her baby's father.
Chad interrupts Nick and Gabi's tense moment, and Gabi fears Nick's about to make a huge mistake.
Kristen is thrilled, when John professes his belief in her redemption.
Marlena learns that Brady shares John's views regarding Kristen.
Kate tracks down Stefano at a European cafe and confronts him about their divorce.
DVR Alert: Marlena breaks into Kristen's hotel room looking for evidence against her and is caught red handed.

Wednesday, November 28
Rafe show up at Sami's office with flowers and is stunned to learn EJ is her new boss.
Sami tells Rafe she can handle EJ, but he has serious doubts.
Will arrives and stops Nick from revealing Gabi's pregnancy secret to Chad.
After Chad leaves, Will blurts out that he's the father of Gabi's child.
EJ encourages Chad to get back at Gabi.
Kristen chastises Marlena for breaking into her room.
Brady interrupts Kristen and Marlena's spat and convinces Kristen not to call the police.
Kristen phones John, ready to spill all about Marlena.
DVR Alert: Nick insists that Will and Gabi can't tell anyone the truth about the baby; not even Sonny.

Thursday, November 29
Brady is grateful, when Kristen decides not to rat out Marlena to John.
Kristen and Brady share a moment that affects them both.
Kayla and Roman are surprised when Hope reveals Caroline and Bo have made an early return from the Alzheimer's clinic.
Caroline breaks down in tears, while reuniting with Eric, making him worry she isn't as well as she claimed.
Marlena decides not to tell John about her encounter with Kristen.
Nicole can't keep help but hold out hope for Daniel, when Abigail confirms that he and Jennifer aren't a couple.
Daniel heads to the specialist, ready to begin injections for his hand tremors.
Realizing how risky the procedure can be, Maggie orders Jennifer to stop Daniel.
DVR Alert: Brady eavesdrops on Kristen's confession to Father Tobias.

Friday, November 30
Kristen confesses she caught Marlena snooping in her hotel room, but didn't call the police because "someone amazing" stopped her.
After admitting the feelings she's having are wrong, Kristen rushes off and Brady follows.
Brady arrives at Kristen's hotel room, and the twosome lock eyes.
Caroline tells Eric about switching Parker's paternity test and how she never made proper amends with Daniel.
Daniel has second thoughts about his procedure, until Jennifer arrives and offers her encouragement, and he decides to proceed.
Caroline apologizes to Daniel, and he forgives her.
Daniel receives the diagnostic test from his hand treatment and learns it was a failure.
Sonny questions Will about what's troubling him, but Will won't explain, noting he made a promise to Gabi.
DVR Alert:: Nick comes up with a solution to Gabi's predicament: marry him and tell everyone the baby is his.

(Edward's Will)
11/26, Edward's will is read; Sam believes Jason may not be alive; Maxie confides in Lulu about Spinelli.

(Keeping a Secret)
11/27, Duke hopes Johnny will keep Duke's bad habit a secret; Felicia confronts Anna about her personal life.

11/28, Carly gives Todd some shocking news; Lulu has second thoughts about Maxie's proposal.

11/29, Lulu and Dante want to know if Maxie is sure of her decision; Molly informs TJ about her book.

11/30, Anna makes plans for a romantic weekend away with Duke; Alexis learns that Shawn has been helping Sonny.

11/26, Stephanie says her last words; Brooke receives a special present from Stephanie; Katie begins taking Taylor's advice.

(Realizing her Problem)
11/27, Katie takes a positive turn in her life; Eric and Pam deal with Stephanie's passing.

(Returng Home)
11/28, Bill and Brooke are shocked by Katie's return; Stephanie's loved ones comfort one another.

(Katie's Party)
11/29, Bill throws a party for Katie; Caroline overhears a private conversation.

(Keeping Quiet)
11/30, Rick wants Caroline to keep quiet about new information that she just learned; Steffy questions Bill about his feelings for Brooke.

(The Fairwell)
11/26,Nina says farewell to Paul; Avery and Nick's relationship intensifies.

(Work Problems)
11/27, Cane and Neil argue at work; Kevin's announcement shocks Chloe.

(Jack's Behavior)
11/28,Phyllis becomes concerned with Jack's behavior; Jill delivers Chloe some questionable advice.

(Victor's Revelation)
11/29, Victor's revelation upsets Victoria; Fen tries to avoid Michael's questions.

(Work Problems)
11/30, Cane warns Jill to keep her distance from Tucker; Chelsea threatens to reveal Sharon's secrets.

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