6:36 pm - 11/22/2012

Okay this is just plain cute and silly.

Bradley Cooper: Ryan Gosling and I have sexy contests


BRADLEY Cooper has joked that he and Ryan Gosling had "Sexiest Man Alive matches" at lunch when they worked together.

Cooper received the title from People magazine in 2011, but at the time many people thought it should have gone to Gosling. Women the world over made their feelings known, with the Hangover star in no doubt he was deemed a suspect choice.

The two hunks appear together in The Place Beyond the Pines, where Bradley has teased they took their constant comparison into their own hands.

“It was treacherous,” he told more! magazine, when asked what working with Ryan was like. “We had Sexiest Man Alive matches every lunchtime. Who walked most sexily, who ate lunch most sexily, who opened doors most sexily. He won every time.”

Bradley initially thought it was a joke when he heard he been dubbed the Sexiest Man Alive. He thought about turning down the honour as he knew people wouldn’t agree with the decision, but eventually went with it.

“Every time somebody mentions it to me, I record them and play the conversation back when I get up in the morning just to remind myself,” he deadpanned.

“No, I don’t really think about it much because it’s nothing to do with me, it’s just a thing that [was] here one minute, gone the next. And it’s not like I walk down the street and people yell at me, ‘Here comes [2011’s] Sexiest Man Alive!’”

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Who do you find sexier?

Bradley Cooper
Ryan Gosling
I can't choooooooose.
Neither, ew.


Sure why not?
Ryan Gosling for Sexiest Man 2013
Okay so this makes me like BCoop a little more.
I love polls.
violue 23rd-Nov-2012 12:02 am (UTC)
I'm thinking of going w/this one for a week or so, but I'm not sure yet...

soavantgarde 23rd-Nov-2012 03:45 am (UTC)
lol sf qt <3
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