5:31 pm - 11/22/2012

Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez In Hospital After Brawl

As tensions continue to build following this month's court decision denying Halle Berry the right to relocate her daughter to France, the situation came to a head Thursday morning at the actress's California home.

A physical altercation occurred between Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and fiancé Olivier Martinez as Aubry was dropping 4½-year-old Nahla off at her mother's home to celebrate Thanksgiving, TMZ reports.

According to the site, Martinez, 46, approached Aubry, 36, to speak with him and the two began to brawl. Both men were hurt – Martinez may have a broken hand and neck injuries, while Aubry suffered a broken rib, contusions to the face and a possible head injury – and are being treated at the hospital.

Aubry was reportedly place under citizen's arrest for battery and is required to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Nahla as the result of an emergency protective order, TMZ reports.

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Gabriel Aubry was arrested Thanksgiving morning after a melee at Halle Berry's house, which sent both Gabriel and Halle's fiance Olivier Martinez to the hospital ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Gabriel showed up at Halle's doorstep with Nahla for a custodial hand-off. We're told Gabriel was inside the house when Olivier walked up to him and said, "We have to move on."

According to witnesses, Gabriel then pushed Olivier and threw a punch at his face, but Olivier blocked it and the punch struck him in the shoulder instead. We're told Gabriel then pushed Olivier to the ground, and Olivier cold-cocked him in the face, and a struggle ensued, ending with Olivier pinning Gabriel to the ground.

In the struggle, Gabriel suffered a broken rib, contusions on his face, and possibly a more serious head injury. Olivier may have broken his hand and suffered neck injuries as well. There are conflicting accounts as to whether Gabriel was rendered unconscious in the fight.

Police were called and Olivier made a citizen's arrest for battery against Gabriel. Gabriel was escorted to the ER and, ironically, Olivier went to the same ER an hour later. The two were just down the hall from each other.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a judge has issued an emergency protective order, which requires Gabriel to stay 100 yards awayfromHalle, Olivier,and Nahla.

And finally, there's this ... specifics about the argument between Gabrieland Olivier are sketchy because they were trash talking each other in French.
saltireflower 22nd-Nov-2012 11:21 pm (UTC)
Actually no. Everyone does not eventually snap and end up beating people up.
luvthatdrtywata 22nd-Nov-2012 11:28 pm (UTC)
question...have you ever been embroiled in a vicious custody battle or divorce? cuz that's how i grew up and i, who literally has to get up and walk away from the tv when it gets (fake) violent and who cries at the mere thought of a physical altercation, once physically fought my own father because i couldn't take it anymore. my family actually jokes that i don't have a temper and always walk away from confrontation and i took a fucking mop handle to that 6'4 bitch repeatedly. people DO have a breaking point and unless you've dealt with crazy people who consistently try to hurt you and manipulate both the people around them and the court system, you can't understand. i do not believe in violence and i do not think that gabriel is without flaws but people need to understand that this situation is beyond the obvious "it's mean to hit people."
sangfwaah 22nd-Nov-2012 11:35 pm (UTC)
i feel for you. i went through horribly vicious, manipulative custody battle when I was a kid and this shit was like every family holiday for us for years. Cops, paramedics and social workers were at my house every damn month. I was forced to witness (and sometimes intervene) physical fights and also developed the survival coping skill of avoiding confrontation, to a fault.

Between this post and the Ariel Winter custody battle I'm having harsh flashbacks.
saltireflower 22nd-Nov-2012 11:41 pm (UTC)
My mother did not have the option of a custody battle or a formal divorce. She got tired of 14 years of violence and abuse and left the country with me and my sister to start her life all over. People have a breaking point, my mother had one. "They pushed me into doing it", had long been my father's excuse for beating the shit out of us.

That does not mean that everyone's breaking point is them snapping and beating each other senseless, especially considering that Gabriel had to previously take an anger management class. Halle needs to tell her man to back off. But blaming her mental illness for two idiots fighting is nonsense.
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