5:31 pm - 11/22/2012

Gabriel Aubry, Olivier Martinez In Hospital After Brawl

As tensions continue to build following this month's court decision denying Halle Berry the right to relocate her daughter to France, the situation came to a head Thursday morning at the actress's California home.

A physical altercation occurred between Berry's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry and fiancé Olivier Martinez as Aubry was dropping 4½-year-old Nahla off at her mother's home to celebrate Thanksgiving, TMZ reports.

According to the site, Martinez, 46, approached Aubry, 36, to speak with him and the two began to brawl. Both men were hurt – Martinez may have a broken hand and neck injuries, while Aubry suffered a broken rib, contusions to the face and a possible head injury – and are being treated at the hospital.

Aubry was reportedly place under citizen's arrest for battery and is required to stay 100 yards away from Berry, Martinez and Nahla as the result of an emergency protective order, TMZ reports.

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kwikimart 22nd-Nov-2012 10:43 pm (UTC)
LOL @ the people that are blaming Halle for the actions of two grown men. You are all so transparent and pathetic.

All three are being assholes about this situation and all three are responsible for their own actions and choices.
dusttogold 22nd-Nov-2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
this, wtf y'all?
loverelapse 23rd-Nov-2012 03:13 am (UTC)
she black
hobnailedboots 22nd-Nov-2012 10:50 pm (UTC)

also, skonka: verhement republican, anti-logic, and ... Halle Berry stan? idgi
paarycia 22nd-Nov-2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
omg this
I was hoping it was sarcasm for some but I'm not so sure.
markedglory 22nd-Nov-2012 10:58 pm (UTC)
brucelynn 22nd-Nov-2012 10:59 pm (UTC)
All black women are crazy bitches

saltireflower 22nd-Nov-2012 11:10 pm (UTC)
She's crazy!!1111 She used her magical powers to make them fight!!1111 She pushed them into it!!111 Or something.

People are disgusting.
blue_birds 22nd-Nov-2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
None of them are innocent, but lol @ her taking most of the blame for this fight.
galagooo 22nd-Nov-2012 11:44 pm (UTC)
tiddlywinks103 23rd-Nov-2012 12:10 am (UTC)
Thank you.
forkmeup 23rd-Nov-2012 01:03 am (UTC)
gabzillaz 23rd-Nov-2012 01:22 am (UTC)
It's disgusting
elvenqueen86 23rd-Nov-2012 01:31 am (UTC)
Seriously, wtf. She could have been 500 miles away and people would still blame her for it.
lidahbidah 22nd-Nov-2012 10:44 pm (UTC)
Why are people blaming Halle? The heck is wrong with y'all?

These men are idiots.
antoniascarlett 22nd-Nov-2012 10:45 pm (UTC)
I can totally see Halle Berry taking advantage of this to try and keep her daughter away from her Dad; since the first attempt failed.
ztrellitaa 23rd-Nov-2012 12:01 am (UTC)
I can see her taking advantage, but I don't think she actually planned/made this happen. Aubry is just helping her case.
antoniascarlett 23rd-Nov-2012 12:37 am (UTC)

A custody gift with a big bow on it, delivered right to her doorstep.
ronnie_luvs_u 22nd-Nov-2012 10:45 pm (UTC)
what a healthy environment for that bb! let's applaud all parties for their commitment to the child's well-being.
hobnailedboots 22nd-Nov-2012 10:45 pm (UTC)
this is such a mess. So sad
chaquitalicia04 22nd-Nov-2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Hot guy fight?
bananasnrum 22nd-Nov-2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
Olivier looks like shitt
pettyscenes 22nd-Nov-2012 10:48 pm (UTC)
idk, he looked pretty good in 'what to expect when you're expecting'.

not that i watched it or anything.

Edited at 2012-11-22 10:49 pm (UTC)
chaquitalicia04 22nd-Nov-2012 10:51 pm (UTC)
Well, he was hot in Unfaithful. I haven't seen him in anything in years.
ronnie_luvs_u 22nd-Nov-2012 10:48 pm (UTC)
I hope they were shirtless and oiled up.
luvallthis 22nd-Nov-2012 11:02 pm (UTC)
Lmao I can't believe I laughed at this
_xxtom 22nd-Nov-2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
lol mte
tiddlywinks103 23rd-Nov-2012 12:11 am (UTC)
lol, omg.
lipstickbitches 22nd-Nov-2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
Why would Olivier need to talk to Gabriel in the first place. If there's tension between parents and you're dating one of them, stay out of it. It will only make things worse.
icangoforthat 22nd-Nov-2012 10:48 pm (UTC)
IA Xabi.
bienenkiste 22nd-Nov-2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
luvallthis 22nd-Nov-2012 11:03 pm (UTC)
Ita. He was obviously looking for a fight.
anna_bea2 22nd-Nov-2012 11:08 pm (UTC)
ugh I obvs don't know their situation, but mte.
_its_true_ 22nd-Nov-2012 11:20 pm (UTC)
My Step Dad used to go out and try to provoke my Dad when my Dad had to drop off my siblings and I at my Moms. Luckily my Dad doesn't have a hot temper so he never took the bait.

Some guys are just giant douche bags.
chainsaw_apple 22nd-Nov-2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
Oh my god, that was my WORST NIGHTMARE. Luckily, my dad and stepdad are cool and only ever made, like, small talk about the latest sports game that was on TV
bluesforgotten 22nd-Nov-2012 11:22 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's what is weird to me about this. I don't see how you could plan something like this like people are accusing but having Olivier go out to talk to Gabriel seems like getting off on the wrong foot for sure.
etoile_amore 22nd-Nov-2012 11:33 pm (UTC)
shilohninejulia 22nd-Nov-2012 11:51 pm (UTC)
exactly. most of the men i've dated have had children with exes .. i never get involved in that shit. it's their family not mine. even if i ended up a step parent at some point, i would NEVER interfere in that family dynamic. you have to know your role. i guess it can be hard if the child is very young and you're active in their life as a step parent but still .. you just have to always know that you're the STEP parent. you don't have rights.
tiddlywinks103 23rd-Nov-2012 12:12 am (UTC)
ita. You are not there to deal with your partner's problems for them, especially when it involves a child, and an ex.
muzicnem 23rd-Nov-2012 12:19 am (UTC)
This was totally MTE. If you're in Olivier's situation, stay out of it. It's none of your business.
endingonfire 23rd-Nov-2012 01:26 am (UTC)
Yeah that probably didn't help the tension.
lonely_goatherd 23rd-Nov-2012 03:35 am (UTC)
ikr? ass
quiet_storm 24th-Nov-2012 12:19 am (UTC)
Ikr. It's irritating that people get involved like that. Mind ya bidness.
icangoforthat 22nd-Nov-2012 10:47 pm (UTC)
these people need to get it together for the sake of their daughter. jfc
pettyscenes 22nd-Nov-2012 10:48 pm (UTC)
lol i don't understand these comments in this post rn. i'm in bizarro world. two grown ass men start a bitch fight and... it's halle's fault?
ronnie_luvs_u 22nd-Nov-2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
she made them crazy with her crazy vagina powers. get with the program.
icangoforthat 22nd-Nov-2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
duh, she controls them. that maneater. smh halle
must_go_faster 22nd-Nov-2012 10:50 pm (UTC)
apparently this woman is an evil genius
burntthatbridge 22nd-Nov-2012 11:13 pm (UTC)
Lady Macbeth obviously.
sleepofplagues 22nd-Nov-2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
because she's dating someone that would openly fight her child's father instead of staying out of it? because she has killed someone and did everything she could not to take responsibility for it? because she's gone so far as to try to flee to another country and falsely accuse gabriel of sexually molesting their child?

yah, i bet she had nothing to do with the fight.

pettyscenes 22nd-Nov-2012 11:21 pm (UTC)
i'm not saying she wasn't involved, but why are a big portion of these comments namechecking halle only? i find that a little strange.
ritaamber 22nd-Nov-2012 11:29 pm (UTC)
op who did halle kill? i have never heard / read anything about a death?
jeveuxmacaron 23rd-Nov-2012 12:02 am (UTC)
she never killed anybody. the women in the hit and run sustained minor injuries and she pleaded no contest to it and settled out of court.

elvenqueen86 23rd-Nov-2012 01:37 am (UTC)
Are you sure you're not thinking of Brandy with the accident thing? She didn't leave the scene, but someone was killed in the accident. Halle Berry pulled two hit and runs but no one was killed.
celtic_thistle 22nd-Nov-2012 11:19 pm (UTC)
ONTD is convinced Halle is crazy.
bluesforgotten 22nd-Nov-2012 11:24 pm (UTC)
I don't think she could plan this but it is just dumb that she had Olivier talk to Gabriel about ANYTHING....like why is the boyfriend dealing with your child's father? Starting drama is all that is.

The two men fighting past that though, alllll them.
cherie_001 22nd-Nov-2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
she got that precious fairy vagina tbh

Edited at 2012-11-22 11:30 pm (UTC)
ms_mmelissa 22nd-Nov-2012 11:58 pm (UTC)
IKR? Getting flashbacks to all the idiots who somehow blamed Rihanna when Chris Brown and Drake got into a fight when she wasn't anywhere near them.
must_go_faster 22nd-Nov-2012 10:48 pm (UTC)
wow I didn't know Halle Berry was such a fucking mastermind, imma have to call her and ask her to take care of some ppl for me tbh
frenchverbs 22nd-Nov-2012 10:48 pm (UTC)
Uh, Gabriel was dropping off his daughter. WTF did Olivier need to talk to him then, on THANKSGIVING?
kwikimart 22nd-Nov-2012 10:55 pm (UTC)
Maybe Olivier decided that Gabriel bought Nahla back late or she was wearing the wrong outfit and Gabriel snapped "don't tell me what to do with my daughter" they exchanged insults and then boom, fight.
vanishingbee 22nd-Nov-2012 10:59 pm (UTC)
:/ NAGL that Oliver thinks it's his place to get in on this discussion. JFC, thinking of my step-mother trying to talk to my mom while we were being dropped off seriously terrifies me, and my mom is not a violent woman.
frenchverbs 22nd-Nov-2012 11:03 pm (UTC)
He needs to respect that Nahla has a father. I can totally see Gabriel snapping if Olivier brought up something he believed Gabriel was doing incorrectly with Nahla.
tiddlywinks103 23rd-Nov-2012 12:16 am (UTC)
mte, mind your fucking business, unless that baby is coming back bruised and dirty.
starswept 23rd-Nov-2012 09:58 pm (UTC)
The claim that Olivier said "we need to move on" makes me think that he was reacting to the judge's decision not to let Olivier and Halle take the little girl to France. Maybe this is the first time he's seen Gabriel since that decision (it was less than two weeks ago), and he thought if he approached Gabriel he could get him to withdraw his objection to the move, or maybe he was just reacting out of anger to Gabriel having successfully blocked their move to France.
bunnycupcakes 22nd-Nov-2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
Wow @ this post and these comments.

*backs away slowly*
blue_monday76 22nd-Nov-2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
I can only think of that poor kid ;(.
slagathor42 22nd-Nov-2012 10:49 pm (UTC)
It sounds like the kid needs a protection order from all three of them. Send her to Europe, jfc.
kiran59 22nd-Nov-2012 10:50 pm (UTC)
Why are we blaming Halle for the actions of two grown ass men?

Also I know everyone is like why did Olivier feel the need to talk to him and I can see that but Gabriel was the one arrested so there is something going on from his side too.
vanishingbee 22nd-Nov-2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
citizens arrest. IDK how those work, but it's gonna have some sort of different connotation.
kiran59 22nd-Nov-2012 10:58 pm (UTC)
True that. And I am not a Martinez stan I just get weirded out about how sometimes ONTD is so team Aubry. They all fucked. Yet its all on Halle.
brucelynn 22nd-Nov-2012 10:58 pm (UTC)
you know they are

it's always the BLACK WOMAN'S FAULT
demi32 22nd-Nov-2012 10:58 pm (UTC)
probably because Halle's past drama. She's always had some sort of drama and it's always someone else fault and never hers according to her. Like the hit and run and the alleged suicide attempt that included her also wanting to off her dogs as well.
frenchverbs 22nd-Nov-2012 10:59 pm (UTC)
Do you know what a citizen's arrest is? Anyone can do it.
bluesforgotten 22nd-Nov-2012 11:26 pm (UTC)
Citizens arrest, right? and he was probably arrested because it was HALLE'S property, and he was the "trespasser", for lack of better terminology.
odd_fish_stick 23rd-Nov-2012 12:12 am (UTC)
of course he was arrested, it happened in someone else's property. being arrested doesn't mean it's his fault.
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