REVIEWS: Queen Cher Makes a Triumphant Comeback With New Single "Woman's World"

Cher has unveiled the first single from her upcoming 26th studio album, and it's a sizzling hot dancefloor anthem.
The empowering song, 'Woman's World', is the first original solo material from the pop icon since 2001's 'Living Proof', apart from a handful of tracks for 2010's 'Burlesque'.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and the reviewers have been buzzing about it all day:

"Cher’s comeback smash is the drag queen anthem to end all drag queen anthems. It’s a feminist classic. It’s so good that even heterosexual males can get down to it in secret as long as they check their dignity at the door and swear to never tell a soul about it. Oakenfold’s slick, pulsating production pushes “Woman’s World” from simply a homo club fave into a universal dance smash and potential top forty crossover hit."

"“Woman's World” opens with bouncing club beats as Cher sings, “I'm dancing solo in the dark.” Age is nothing but a number as she sells the track with a fierce delivery. The chorus is then enveloped in a wall of synthesizers when Cher's bold voice powerfully belts: “This is a woman's world!” She's been around since the 1960s, but leaves her mark unfazed in 2012 with this electro banger."

The dance anthem was produced by popular English DJ Paul Oakenfold amongst others.
The single is taken from Cher's upcoming album, which is still expected to be released early 2013.

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