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Watch a 13-year-old slay every X-Factor contestant in 120 seconds
brandon198403 wrote in ohnotheydidnt
Britney's protege~ singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" on tonight's X-Factor

YES. Sing it girl!


omg i hope not im in the minority but i love beatrice

I love her sfm. She's adorable and likable! Her voice sounds great to me too so idgaf what everyone here says.

i *want* to like her, but i just don't. I thought she was the worst of the night tbh.

i like her a lot too
her styling, tho, is another story

idk why they are doing that to her tbh she looked so cute in that pre performance bit when she had on the denim shirt leggings and boots

no one even dresses like that anymore i dont get the styling at all and she definitely hates it too

she is from my hometown and so i guess by default i cant not root for her but i like her raspy voice anyways

like the girl on AI 2 seasons ago that everyone hated with the raspy voice.. i loved that bitch

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