5:04 pm - 11/21/2012

Mayim Bialik and husband to divorce

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After much consideration and soul-searching, Michael and I have arrived at the decision to divorce due to “Irreconcilable Differences.”

Divorce is terribly sad, painful and incomprehensible for children. It is not something we have decided lightly.

The hands-on style of parenting we practice played no role in the changes that led to this decision; relationships are complicated no matter what style of parenting you choose.

The main priority for us now is to make the transition to two loving homes as smooth and painless as possible. Our sons deserve parents committed to their growth and health and that’s what we are focusing on. Our privacy has always been important and is even more so now, and we thank you in advance for respecting it as we negotiate this new terrain.

We will be ok.

girlscharms 21st-Nov-2012 10:28 pm (UTC)
Seriously, was anyone saying that they're parenting style was going to make them divorce? No one brought that up so why would you bring it up when you announce your divorce? Cause it WAS about your parenting style??
meredydd 21st-Nov-2012 11:08 pm (UTC)
A lot of people comment on her blog on Kveller, saying how her parenting style is "freakish" and she's ruining her kids, etc, and when rumors of the divorce percolated yesterday, some folks hopped on to say it was b/c of their parenting choices.
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