This Is A Major Paris Post ♡


the original video, mysteriously uploaded by "Ira Mira"

Last week I posted Pitbull and Havana Brown‘s garbage duet, “Last Night,” –aka the song that DJ Afrojack originally produced for Paris Hilton and then sold to the highest bidder when they broke up– and the unanimous verdict from you guys was that it sounded like pure shit. Now Hilton’s version of the club anthem has conveniently leaked online(I’m not pointing fingers, but… PARIS TOTALLY DID IT!!!), and it’s literally a million, trillion times better than Pitbull’s musical massacre.

Lil’ Wayne serves as the feature artist in the original, and it almost goes without saying that he absolutely annihilates Pitbull’s ‘rapping’. “I got 99 problems, not one with her,” Weezy spits, before referencing Hilton’s iconic sex tape. “And excuse my French, but fuck the cameras / I wanna spend a night in Paris.”

When Weezy’s not rapping, the Holy Hilton sounds like an autotuned angel, her exquisite vocals shining amidst Afrojack’s pounding electro beats.

Although “Last Night” isn’t as forward-thinking as the reggae-pop fusion of Hilton’s first hit, “Stars are Blind,” if actually released properly it wouldn’t have pissed off bloggers and critics quite as much as, say, a Real Housewives single or Kim Kardashian’s music, and a slot at the top of Billboard’s dance chart would’ve been virtually guaranteed.

If only that bitter old hag Afrojack hadn’t fed Paris’ masterpiece to the dogs. Life can be so unfair.

Paris' Controversial New Store

Icon of modern celebrity and pulchritudinous entrepreneur Paris Hilton has sparked outrage in the Middle East by opening a new shop in the Saudi Arabian Holy city of Mecca.

Saudis took to Twitter to say Hilton was 'insulting Mecca' - a key site for the world's 1.2 billion Muslims - by opening the branch in Mecca Mall to sell bags and accessories under her name. They tweeted in their hundreds to attack the celebrity entrepreneur, with some saying it was an 'affront' to the 'principal sanctuary' of Islam.

One person replied to her message, in which she announced the official opening on her Twitter feed last Thursday, by saying: 'R u kidding?'.

Another added: 'Saudi claim there are other ways to allow for pilgrims, & if religiosity is of such importance, why is @ParisHilton being allowed a store in Mecca?'

Another tweeted: 'How can someone who made such a video open a store in the holy city next to the Grand Mosque?' And a further added: 'It is not acceptable to have such a woman open her store here.'

But Paris remained undeterred by the comments and tweeted a picture of the store alongside the message: 'Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!' And she later said: 'This is the 5th store in Saudi Arabia, and store number 42 in total! So proud to keep growing my brand!

Not all comments about the opening were negative, however, reports.

One said: 'Why the attack? This is a global brand found everywhere, whether it was in an Arab country or a European one.'

And another added: 'Simply put, those who see this is a Western invasion of the Arab world shouldn’t be buying nor marketing their products. But to reject this concept and at the same time, buy all European and Western products is completely hypocritical.'