8:07 am - 11/21/2012

BTS on an All New Emilw Owens, MD

The cast TYFYT. Ugh I hate the cw for not promoting this show more (nikita too), I feel like I'm doing a much better job than they are. Anyway don't forget to watch Emily Owens tonight at 9pm on the cw! It's a very important episode for the show, so please watch it live, dvr it, buy it on itunes, stream it on the cw site, and check in to getglue. :) I will basically stan for this show until it's last dying breath.
ugly_jacket 21st-Nov-2012 12:57 am (UTC)
i tried to like this show since it's in a healthcare setting but it is so entirely unrealistic and i really don't like the grown woman operating as a girl thing. like grey's is totally unrealistic but at least for a few seasons they had good characters. i only watched the pilot so maybe she gets better, but i really could not find it in me to like the main character
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