11:15 am - 11/21/2012

David Beckham annoyed by British Airways

DAVID Beckham has threatened to stop flying with British Airways because star struck hostesses won't stop staring at him.

According to The Sun, the final straw for Beckham came when a stewardess woke him up with a torch so she could take a photo of him.

“David will sign autographs and pose for pictures until the cows come home. He is well known for going the extra mile for fans," a source told The Sun.

“Nevertheless it was a bit disconcerting watching young BA crew members queuing down the aisle for autographs during flights.

“His privacy must be respected, and being startled as he rested during a flight was the final straw.”

British Airways has reminded all staff of their policies on privacy following the incident.

A spokeswoman confirmed there was an incident, and the airline had apologised: “We have a very good relationship with David Beckham.”


hobnailedboots 21st-Nov-2012 12:24 am (UTC)
BA is usually awesome (but I love Heathrow too).

I guess it's that thing where people think "oh, I'll just ask him to get a picture with me. No big deal, right?" so everyone constantly asks because they see their own actions as a mild inconvenience, but all together (and especially at times when a celeb is trying to be inconspicuous/asleep/whatever) it could drive someone insane, even if they were a complete saint (and worth 200 mil).
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