Piers Morgan vs. One Direction!

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Piers Morgan obvious wants One Direction to be on his show when they come to New York City in a few weeks. The talk show host was mingling on Tuesday with Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan on Twitter and the fans got involved. It all started when Niall Horan asked what Piers Morgan did when not on Twitter. In replying to the question, Piers pointed out he listened to the other British band, The Wanted.

Apparently the fans went nuts over the response and started getting in Piers Morgan’s face online about the idea. The host drew so much attention that he received 11,000 new followers in an hour on Twitter as people followed him just to give him trouble.

Piers Morgan didn't stop there and his messages even suggested that he was better looking than one of the One Direction guys. While the man had to be joking, it wasn't funny to the younger fans who really took offense. Giving the guys an offer, it appears that One Direction might be on CNN for an interview.

“Let's settle this on my CNN show when you come to New York @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson - if you're brave enough...” tweeted Piers Morgan from his official Twitter account. It sounded more like a dare than an interview. The final posting about the allegations had everyone laughing. “And just for the record, I adamantly refute this allegation: #PiersMorganIsSmelly.”

Yes, the phrase “Piers Morgan is smelly” was trending as a hashtag online by the fans. It’s almost too funny to thing that something so silly was picked up by fans and blasted across Twitter so quickly. Of course this allegation was passed around online and definitely was in jest as many Hollywood actors get interviewed by the host and never has there been a complaint.