Primera Zombie
Well, she's very honest about her own needs and her sexuality in her music, and how she's going to party hard and be herself. It seems to be a music and an image that's not really catering to men per se but more towards everyone, women who might feel the same - I've haven't felt like she was pandering to the male gaze. She reminds me of Gaga in that way where I feel like their sound and image is frank and sexual but it's not really meant to titillate men's attention - artists like Rihanna and Katy Perry's image seem much more skewed towards what men might see as sexy (no real shade to either of them on that front, that's their image and they're allowed to present themselves how they wish to the public, but ngl I do feel like it's way more meant to satisfy the male gaze and traditional standards of beauty and sexiness).

That's just me though, I'd have to read what this person says to justify that claim. But Ke$ha's message does seem to be pretty pro-modern feminist, that is to make your own choices in life and not be ashamed of being driven by sexual impulses and to fulfill them.