Ke$ha loves symbolism, is a troll

Ke$ha on Bathing in Glitter, Singing with Iggy Pop, and That “Intimate Experience” She Had With a Ghost

Three years after launching the world’s flashiest pop career—no, really, she bathes in glitter before concerts—Ke$ha is back with a new album (Warrior, out Dec. 4) and memoir (My Crazy Beautiful Life, out Nov. 20). Here, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter lets loose with TIME.

TIME: First off, I’ve been blasting your album in my office for the last hour. Thank you for letting me call that work.

Ke$ha: Thanks, I love that.

So Ke$ha—it’s Keh-sha, right? Dollar sign is silent?

Oh, yeah.

It’s been almost three years since your last full-length album. Why wait so long?

Has it been three years?

Since your debut album, Animal, yeah. I know Cannibal came out in late 2010, but that was a shorter EP.

Okay, so Cannibal—I was on the road and took, like, literally three weeks off to make Cannibal, which was totally insane. And then I went on the Get Sleazy tour, and that sold out in like, minutes. So then I went on another tour, because I felt like I was gypping my fans. And then I took a little bit of time off and I went on what I like to call my spirit journey.

My fans have sent me about over a thousand teethCollapse )

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