11:33 am - 11/20/2012

Guess who was shopping while sporting a blonde wig this weekend

It's Farrah Abraham

She splurged $16,000 on plastic surgery to transform her looks with a chin implant and nose job. And now Farrah Abraham is preparing for her Teen Mom spin-off show by shopping up a storm in LA... proving she's not finished with her her style revamp yet.

The reality star was spotted out and about with a personal shopping assistant at the weekend and spent quite some time in a wig shop trying out new looks.

One very blonde wig seemed to please the 21-year-old. And it made the surgically enhanced star look every bit the Tinseltown starlet; though perhaps not in a way that improved the mother-of-one.

Farrah previously splurged on a breast augmentation, going from an A to a C-cup to 'boost her confidence' in 2010. The 21-year-old had a rhinoplasty and a chin implant on October 1 in Miami.

'I've always hated my nose since I was 13,' the reality star told InTouch, adding that she got a bigger chin to 'balance the alignment' of her face.

She is now estimated to have spent $21,000 on surgery - $16,000 on her face and $5,000 on her breasts.

The aspiring model isn't worried about her three-year-old daughter Sophia's reaction. 'I've told her that mommy wants to be a beautiful butterfly,' she said, insisting that she is now done with surgery.

The aspiring model recently released two songs - On My Own and Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom - as well as a memoir, My Teenage Dream Ended, which reached the New York Times bestseller list.

Having moved to LA to further her dreams of stardom she is also finalising a deal for her own MTV spin-off show, explaining that 'it's going be about me and my life.'
As chronicled on MTV reality shows 16 & Pregnant, and Teen Mom, things haven't been easy for Farrah.

Her on-off boyfriend Derek Underwood was tragically killed in a car accident three years ago just two months before she gave birth to their daughter. Her struggle to cope with Underwood's death and life as a single parent has been documented on Teen Mom. She is also in dispute with Underwood's mother Stormie Clark, who launched legal action in a bid have more access to her grand daughter.

Farrah insists her troubled relationship with mother Debra Danielson will also feature in the new show.


I would say 'she tried' but in general that's part of her problem, trying too damn hard. I wonder how long before that's no longer a wig and part of her actual look.
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