YNWA Agger
Every summary I read for this book sounds boring as fuck.

Miranda is the "geeky outsider" version of the typical special snowflake. Phillips with an s for some reasonGary Stu is an apathetic special snowflake, genius, and annoying rebel. The two knew each other as children and Miranda's Severus Snape moment was Gary calling her a freak in front of zomg everyone. She promptly gets over this Life Changing Event™ after the two meet again, so you know they're gonna bone.

The two snowflakes solve a mystery with quips, magic, and the genius's knowledge of literally everything ever, because that's how intelligence works, right guys? No research ever involved. You know know stuff because stuff is knowable? That must be right since every "genius" in every medium does it. Meanwhile, the FBI is full of idiots who can't do their job and our outsmarted by teenagers.

Hopefully the show's version will be better.