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Aww pre-cheetos
Stans can stan all they want and I will say that it is her best interview in a long, long time, but that really isn't saying much.

Especially when they show the clip of her from thirteen years ago and she says "good memories" and looks like she is about to cry. Like she was having the exact thought "oh man, I was naive and life turned insane". Also, the whole fridge/OCD comments sounds like she's someone I'd be having lemonade with at church (even though I don't go to church.) It seems like when the conversation is on her singing and career, she shuts down, but when it's about cleaning or her children, she perks up. In my mind, most celebrities really want to focus on their talents, projects, etc. and hate when the interview is about personal things. I don't blame Britney and I can't 100% put my finger on what's up, but damn girl,just please for once take a nice long ass break. We don't need an album, we don't need you on Flop Factor, or giving us another variation on your already solid perfumes.

Maybe after a break, she could actually thrive emotionally again on being in music. I can't buy for a second that music is at all enjoyable for her to perform right now. =(