Disney : [Tangled] sky view
I was there when the first casting sheet came out. It was pretty painful, even on ONTD it sort of went from race to hair color really fast. The Rue bullshit hadn't even gone down yet, but thanks internet for reaching new levels of me hating you for that one.

And yeah, I don't know how many fucking comments I had to read of, "but SHE COULD HAVE BEEN WHITE, so therefore she's white" when this all went down. The biggest thing being her olive skintone being something white people have... which sure, but JLaw doesn't, and they didn't even let anyone else audition!

Then the fucking AUTHOR came out and was like "backtrack, backtrack!" even though there was a CLEAR racial divide between the Seam and the Village and oh my god, sorry, I just spiraled, hahaha.

I'm going to be bitter about this until I'm 80.